Chocolate Pots de Creme

I love chocolate. Who doesn’t ?! The best chocolate dessert I’ve had thus far was at the “Fifth Floor” in San Francisco, California. There, I had a chocolate pots de crème with three mini lava cakes. I think I know how to make the lava cake, but the pots de crème is a different matter. Again my source is the “Balthazar Cookbook”. They are typically baked in little porcelain pots which they are named for. They are very much like custard but are intensely flavored. I am fortunate to get some authentic pots from an online merchant.

For this testing, I used Valhorna semi-sweet chocolate. I added an extra egg yolk to the recipe also. Since my pots had the lid on them I did not have to cover them in a foil as I baked them in a water bath. After baking, it is important to let it cool, by taking off the lid, so as not to have the condensation fall on top of the pot’s surface. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Testing notes:

a.      The chocolate tasted a bit too harsh, maybe I used too much chocolate?

b.      Hubby liked the dessert, but I personally prefer a creamier and silkier texture. I will try Thomas Keller’s recipe next.

Potdecreme1 Potsdecreme3

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