Fig-uring it out


I was leafing through this yummy book, “Dishing with Style” by Rori Travato last Saturday, wondering what I could cook up with what I have available in the refrigerator. I found a simple yet wonderful recipe involving figs. When I think of figs, I almost always think about its biblical connotations, but when it comes to my hubby he is one to love figs with an obsession. Yes, he has two trays sitting in the refrigerator right now, and wonder of wonders, the preparation calls for goat cheese of which I have just bought two cylinders of. To prepare it is easy (especially since I did not do the grilling). Leave the (soft) goat cheese out to room temperature and fold in some chopped rosemary and sweeten with a little honey. Brush the figs with olive oil and grill it for 5 to 8 minutes until it starts to brown. Take it off the grill and wait for it to get cool enough to handle. While the figs are cooling off, take the goat cheese and fill a pastry bag using the star tip. Cut the figs from the stem top in an “X” and gently spread it open. Pipe the goat cheese in the design desired and garnish with chopped rosemary.

4 thoughts on “Fig-uring it out

  1. I love figs and we happen to have some at home. We also had goat-cheese and were wondering what to do with it. She finally found a great marriage of the two. I not only enjoyed tasting the grilled figs with goat-cheese and rosemary but also had fun taking the picture you see. Needless to say, this picture was blessed by a professional photographer!

  2. Thanks for your entry to DMBLGIT – have a look at all the entries here.

    I definately haven't had enough opportunities to eat figs, and this looks like a great combination to try!

  3. This looks scrumptious and the figs look great when open like a flower as you've done. I can't wait for more figs to appear on the market so the prices come down and I can use them more often!

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