Being away from the Test Kitchen…

… is a real bummer. Not being able to experiment on recipes feels like getting overloaded with ideas with nowhere to go, that you feel almost physically constrained. That is my plight this week as I am away for a training class for my "day job" which is in I.T., nothing to do at all with a kitchen! I was in a dilemma for which cookbook to take; might as well use the down time in the evenings to read up on stuff. I must be careful not to choose heavy tomes or I will regret it as I drag my suitcase around.

        I’ve decided to take "La Maison du Chocolat" by Robert Linxe. I’ve spied a chocolate raspberry cake I’ve been wanting to make for the weekend I get back. "Secrets of Baking" by Sherry Yard also made the cut since I wanted to learn more about laminated doughs. Allowing myself a third book was a difficult choice. I was torn between "The Cooking of SouthWest France" by Paula Wolfert and "On Food and Cooking" by Harold McGee. The latter book made more sense since I have promised myself that I will try as much as possible to understand the chemistry behind my food preparations. Besides I was taking "The French Chef" dvds with Julia Child so that should cover my French cravings. In these dvds I hope to watch her create her version of "Queen of Sheba" and see how she will manage to roast a whole suckling pig!

      The one thing I managed to forget to take with me on the trip was, of all things, my laptop adapter. I had to call my husband to have it on overnight mail otherwise there was no way I could watch my dvds…

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