My Test Kitchen

Ilva over at Lucullian Delights is hosting an event called Show Us Your Kitchen


I think this is a great idea since this will give everyone  an impression of where all the delicious food pictured in each post is being prepared. I love my kitchen, it is not big but it has enough room for me to get things done.

   My favorite part of the kitchen is the butcher block island which  I had custom -made. I like a place for my baking sheets and pans ; the top is just what I need for rolling out dough. To accommodate this island I had to get rid of my breakfast nook area which I never use anyway.  Now I have this big expanse of prep area and a place for my guests to hang out while I do the finishing touches on the food.


35 thoughts on “My Test Kitchen

  1. Oh wow… I am insanely jealous! I love the color of your cabinets, the pot rack, the butcher block island, etc. It looks like a model kitchen!

  2. I can see why you get the results you do — what a great environment for creating beautiful food! Thanks for sharing — it helps make the picture so much more complete!

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen! I'm so envious for the space you have – and lemme tell you that's NOT small compared to mine. hehee!

    Love the colors.. just beautiful =)

  4. That looks like a test kitchen that's passed with flying colors!
    Wonderful island! It's great to have a space you designed yourself isn't it.
    I am so glad Ilva invited us to show our kitchens. I'm sure I'll be returning here.

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love that orange! I would have dine mine that color if I could, but I already did my entire bedroom / master bath that color. It's great in the bedroom because it's so warm.

  6. What a lovely kitchen you have! Love the warm color on the walls! How do you keep your pots looking so shiny?! Beautiful! πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks all for such wonderful comments. Indeed the butcher block island is one of my favorite because of the place for my baking sheets.
    Vani- in answer to why the pots are so shiny , it's because the "hungry" hubby is a bit obsessive/compulsive with cleaning each pot/pan thoroughly after use. He would scrub it with such fervor :). One time on our old stove he managed to scrub out the markings! That's why he is nervous whenever I embark on a major cooking extravaganza.
    For those interested in the color I used for the kitchen it is Benjamin Moore "Rust". I really love this color and I think this adds to the warm feeling in the kitchen!

  8. you need fervor if you're not using a wire-mesh to clean the pots & pans. It works wonders on the inside as well as the outside. I get mine from Sur La Table and the wires are gentle enough not to damage them…or you'll get a thick buildup of stuff all over your pots!!! OC? naahhh…what do you think?!

  9. When I grow up, I want to get a kitchen like yours. And you're right, a butcher-block island is essential, as is a hanging pot-rack. Now, is that I food pantry on the other side of the white door? Lastly, is your kitchen microwave-free? Gasp! That would be downright subversive.

  10. rvafoodie – you are right about the pantry on the other side of the white door. And you are very observant! As much as I want to be microwave-free, I do have a small one in the pantry whose only use is to reheat my coffee and the occasional reheating of rice :).

  11. Love this kitchen! Loved the food cooked here more! Love the special times spent here even more!!!! =)

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