My Test Kitchen

Ilva over at Lucullian Delights is hosting an event called Show Us Your Kitchen


I think this is a great idea since this will give everyone  an impression of where all the delicious food pictured in each post is being prepared. I love my kitchen, it is not big but it has enough room for me to get things done.

   My favorite part of the kitchen is the butcher block island which  I had custom -made. I like a place for my baking sheets and pans ; the top is just what I need for rolling out dough. To accommodate this island I had to get rid of my breakfast nook area which I never use anyway.  Now I have this big expanse of prep area and a place for my guests to hang out while I do the finishing touches on the food.


35 thoughts on “My Test Kitchen

  1. Oh wow… I am insanely jealous! I love the color of your cabinets, the pot rack, the butcher block island, etc. It looks like a model kitchen!

  2. I can see why you get the results you do — what a great environment for creating beautiful food! Thanks for sharing — it helps make the picture so much more complete!

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen! I'm so envious for the space you have – and lemme tell you that's NOT small compared to mine. hehee!

    Love the colors.. just beautiful =)

  4. That looks like a test kitchen that's passed with flying colors!
    Wonderful island! It's great to have a space you designed yourself isn't it.
    I am so glad Ilva invited us to show our kitchens. I'm sure I'll be returning here.

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love that orange! I would have dine mine that color if I could, but I already did my entire bedroom / master bath that color. It's great in the bedroom because it's so warm.

  6. Thanks all for such wonderful comments. Indeed the butcher block island is one of my favorite because of the place for my baking sheets.
    Vani- in answer to why the pots are so shiny , it's because the "hungry" hubby is a bit obsessive/compulsive with cleaning each pot/pan thoroughly after use. He would scrub it with such fervor :). One time on our old stove he managed to scrub out the markings! That's why he is nervous whenever I embark on a major cooking extravaganza.
    For those interested in the color I used for the kitchen it is Benjamin Moore "Rust". I really love this color and I think this adds to the warm feeling in the kitchen!

  7. you need fervor if you're not using a wire-mesh to clean the pots & pans. It works wonders on the inside as well as the outside. I get mine from Sur La Table and the wires are gentle enough not to damage them…or you'll get a thick buildup of stuff all over your pots!!! OC? naahhh…what do you think?!

  8. When I grow up, I want to get a kitchen like yours. And you're right, a butcher-block island is essential, as is a hanging pot-rack. Now, is that I food pantry on the other side of the white door? Lastly, is your kitchen microwave-free? Gasp! That would be downright subversive.

  9. rvafoodie – you are right about the pantry on the other side of the white door. And you are very observant! As much as I want to be microwave-free, I do have a small one in the pantry whose only use is to reheat my coffee and the occasional reheating of rice :).

  10. Love this kitchen! Loved the food cooked here more! Love the special times spent here even more!!!! =)

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