A New Look For My Blog

I always wanted a banner to show how my kitchen looked in a hyperbolic state when it is humming with activity. You’ve seen how it looks when it’s all cleaned up, but you have no idea how it is when a mini tornado named Veronica is set loose to cook up her culinary brews. I was lucky to have come across the talented Ximena’s website, Lobstersquad, which is a food blog with drawings. I was struck by how charming her illustrations were and how they gave a different perspective of the food blog world. I was also glad that she was accepting freelance work. We collaborated for a bit and she was able to envision with ease exactly what I had in mind: the overturned cookbooks, the trail of  kitchen gadgets and the general chaos. I am trying to get more organized and methodical, but hey that would make for a boring test kitchen if it loses its resident mad scientist, don’t ya think?

21 thoughts on “A New Look For My Blog

  1. I LOVE the new look! The new banner is so adorable! I love Ximena's drawings, she's one talented cookie =)

    And quite frankly, I don't care how chaotic your kitchen gets when you cook.. I'd just be happy to be sitting in it watching and sampling! 😀

  2. Hmmm…. I wonder why I still see your old banner on the site?

    Thanks for directing us to Lobstersquad… I wasn't aware of that blog and now I have a new blog to read!

  3. Sam – that's where I first came across Ximena's blog. I was immediately taken :).
    Thanks Lisa ! I try to convince the hubby that a chaotic kitchen is essential to the art of cooking.
    Thanks Brilynn!
    Hi Kristen, you might have to delete the cookies/files from your browser's cache. I'm glad to lead you to the Lobstersquad blog.

  4. Congrats on the new look, Veron. Very nice and clean. Also, I was tickled to read a blurb about about your site this morning in our local paper – a syndicated article on widgets. You're famous!

  5. Hi Jared – Thanks for the compliment and for letting me know that the article is appearing elsewhere. I'm really tickeled too :).
    Thanks TW – the beakers were Ximena's idea , I just told her what a mess I was in the kitchen and her imagination took care of the rest..
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Mary!

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