Anthony Bourdain reviews Food Network Personalities

I was visiting Michael Ruhlman’s blog and came across this hilarious and priceless post by Anthony Bourdain. I personally do not watch the Food Network because I cannot find a program worth watching and Bourdain’s reviews  justify my Food Network aversion.

7 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain reviews Food Network Personalities

  1. rasa Malaysia – 🙂
    jared – bourdain has the same effect on me…I first thought his opinions were too ascerbic but they kinda grow on you and I do love his banter with ruhlman…
    T.W. – I really don't have anything against the chefs that he reviewed or the Food Network … I just loved his analysis and thought it was too funny. I even have a lot of friends who like Rachel Ray and I respect their admiration… I even tried to watch the food network before but I just cannot get into it. I am curious about Nigella Lawson (who Bourdain has not reviewed) and see what she is all about…

  2. Thanks for sending me to that article. I was definitely one of those people who used to watch FN but realized I had stopped because they no longer showed real cooking shows!

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