Book Dilemma Update – The Solution


I would just like to update everyone on my book dilemma. It appears that the solution was to buy a new bookcase. Hubby and I started measuring out the biggest one that could fit in that wee corner of the kitchen.  I might as well admit that I have a cookbook addiction. Is there a CA Anonymous?  And Brandon had to tempt me with Julia Child’s The Way to Cook. I am hopeless…no… I need serious help…

19 thoughts on “Book Dilemma Update – The Solution

  1. Gosh, I've only got one of the books on the picture – the pretty one in the middle! So no, you're not the only one with a cookbook addiction:) When I moved back home to Estonia and in with my boyfriend last October, he had to buy a full-height bookshelf just for my cookbooks;)

  2. I am actually going shopping tonight to buy a shelf to put all my extra cookbooks on – so don't worry, you are not alone…I should be in CA too!

  3. Such a club we belong to!! Yes, we all need help I suppose. Now, I only have one of those books myself and really would want to check more into that The Cook's Book. Let us know what you find…oh but I'm sure you will!

  4. Hi Pille – the Cook's Book is my favorite so far but maybe because I have not read the others yet too much. ha..haa…its funny how the husbands/boyfriends seem to be the one tasked with finding a solution to our cookbook addiction.
    Bril – if you start making a business of the fantastic things you make instead of giving it away , I'm sure you can get all of these :).
    Hi Hester – he..hee…I think I see CA forming in the near future.
    Lisa – :)…well, sis, I'm sure we share the same addiction…
    Hi Tanna – I have not really dug indepth into the books yet. The cook's book is a favorite right now…but I better make sure it's not the pictures but the content that is making it attractive to me ;).
    Lydia – I'll let you know when CA starts having meetings. My hubby seriously thinks I need help…

  5. Do you have over 300 yet? If not, I'm beating you! I have to rotate mine out. I have most of my baking ones out yearly. But I went through and catagorized them by season(yes I am a dork). So most of the year they are in storage.

  6. OMG , you've got 300? I bow to you, Peabody!I don't think I have a hundred yet. Well arranging them by season is a great idea. When I get my book case I might arrange them by subject…techniques,baking,french,italian…etc…

  7. Sign me up as well for CA – I assume it's an 8 step plan..step 1 – move away from the bookcase….step 2 – move away from….

  8. You can never have too many cookbooks! At least that's what I tell myself everytime I add yet another one to our collection, hehe. You are a woman after my own heart.

    I've been working through "The Cook's Book" for the past two weeks and am writing a review on it tomorrow. 🙂

  9. Hi Veron-I'm just over 100 cookbooks so Peabody's 300 has got me beat too! But I'm trying to keep my collection manageable by limiting myself to one cookbook purchase a month. After all, I live in a small San Francisco sized house. "The Professional Chef" is a great reference book.

  10. Glad to see the Pro-Chef there. I helped to edit that (or it may have been the previous edition: can't tell by the cover in your photo) so you know it's great :-).

  11. Greetings to other cookbook junkies! They are my favorite bedtime reading!
    I have so many cookbooks that I recently got some extra bookcases myself! And I've already filled them, yikes!
    I am going to start a spreadsheet to keep track of them because at this point I can't remember which ones I have and don't have! Especially when I find books on remainder…

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