As Cozy as Apple Pie


If you love apples, almonds and cream cheese, please head over to Mary’s or Helen’s blog right now and make these oh so delicious almond apple bars. They are one of the most addictive little pleasures you can find. The wonderful crumble on top, the creamy delicate center and the flavor of the apple pieces all combine to give you quite an ecstatic experience.

I made them last weekend and am making them again today because they’re all gone and I wanted to bring some to the office. However, I am not sure if this batch will make it out the door either.

I like to heat up mine a little, maybe 4 minutes in a preheated 350°F toaster oven and having a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it. The hubby likes it by itself or even straight from the refrigerator.

Note: My apple bar looked a bit top heavy because I misread the recipe and instead of reserving 2/3 cup of the crust for the crumble, I reserved almost 2/3 of the entire mixture instead. I did notice that the bottom crust was too thin so I patched it up using what I could from the “2/3” of the mixture.

20 thoughts on “As Cozy as Apple Pie

  1. Drat, I would be making these for my Dad this morning before he leaves at ten if only I had almonds or cream cheese. These do look excellent!

  2. I love bar recipes! Less technique required, but lots of flavor (and apples and almonds are SO good!)– you just need to be able to land the batter and embellishments in the pan!

  3. I think they look spot on, Sis.. just when I finished drooling over these bars at Helene's & Mary's you've started the whole process over again! hehe So worth it though! Beautiful job =))


  4. Actually, for those of us who love topping, this looks just about perfect. (Am I the only one who owns a muffin-top pan, so I can bake muffins and cupcakes that are all top?!) I love any kind of baked apples. Will definitely try this recipe.

  5. Veron, these bars are so tempting. I've had them on my mind forever (since the girls baked them, actually). 🙂

    I wish I could have 1 (maybe 2?) bars now, to go with my tea!

  6. I like all those textures and flavours – the apples, the cheese and the almonds. Oh, and let's not forget the crumble. This combination sounds delicious!

  7. Thanks Tanna – well next time you see your Dad you know what to bake for him.
    Thanks Freya!
    Hi T.W. – how did you know I got a lot of the crumbles outside the pan? 😉
    Thanks Lis – I was drooling over Helen's and Mary's that's why i decided I just had to make them.
    Hi Lydia – he.hee. I do love topping. I never heard of a muffin-top pan, though, you need to tell me about it :).
    Thanks Patricia – the bars are great with just about everything. But I love having mine with coffee and tea.
    Thanks homecook. And thanks for visiting my blog.
    Hi Steven – indeed this little bar has everything and is every bit as good as it looks.

  8. Hi Veron! I love these – I swooned over Helen's and Mary's and now I can swoon over yours too! Love, love LOVE that apple-y goodness!

  9. thanks Linda – I have a profound weakness for apple pie and you're right that the almonds make it even better.
    Thanks gilly – Yes, seeing helen's and mary's just pushed me over the edge.
    Kristen – you will not be disappointed in this recipe.
    Ari – it sounds we are on the same wavelength with this delightful apple bar.
    Why thanks gattina…i do truly hope you will try it soon!
    Merisi – i've been praying for a time we can just teleport food easily…definitely would revolutionize blogging!
    Hi Ivonne – you had mixed me up with Mary! So funny!
    Hi Joey – glad you agree with a'la mode…definitely unbeatable with this. Oh and you know what else Joey, you have it back in the Philippines but we don't have it quite the same over here is Nestle's Cream…

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