Taking a blogging break…

No, I will not be on a vacation. I will be retreating to my test kitchen for much needed experiments. No exploding beakers I assure you. And I’m not pulling a Ferran Adria either (closing some months of the year to research new dishes). The most molecular gastronomy I am going to do is play with the ISI cream whipper I have just bought – now that have already caused a big mess of cream on my cabinets and windows. But instead of cream this time I want to see what it does to mashed potato. On a milder note, I’m also going to experiment with pastry and chocolate. See you all in 4 weeks (hopefully with the kitchen still intact!)

16 thoughts on “Taking a blogging break…

  1. hey Veronica, a lil' too late here, just saw tt you linked me to your blog, thanks ! 🙂 oops, time to do my spring cleaning, have a pleasant break, cheers !:)

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