A square crepe


I’m still on blogging vacation. I just popped in to post my crepe cake, which is this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge, hosted by Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas. Let me tell you that this cake seriously kicked my a**. In fact I had so many casualties when I flipped the crepe I ended up with half the height of what I was suppose to have. And since my crepes turned out uneven, I squared it out which fortunately turned out okay or I would have thrown the whole thing out and called the whole thing a "crap" cake instead of crepe.

       Also, I had no candied hazelnuts to show for. I was so tired at the end of the day I just did not have the energy to do this finishing touch. All in all, the cake was okay but the taste did not justify the effort I put into it.

       So please check out the other creations of my fellow Daring Bakers. The link to their site is on my side bar. I am sure they have great stories to tell J.      


31 thoughts on “A square crepe

  1. Square! I think that's just way cool!
    This really is a tough one – I think we have an very inadequate recipe here and/or very poor directions.
    Can't wait for the next challenge!!

  2. Veron, I was quite defeated by the 'crap' cake too and I agree that the taste of my cake didn't match the effort involved. I hope next month will be more rewarding.

  3. Lovin' the square, Sis!

    I also like the crunchy nuts all over it.. I think that would be an excellent addition to the textures of this cake.

    Way to go! Happy blog vacationing! We miss you!


  4. It is great that you took a break from taking a break to join in and I love your square cake. Very innovative. The hazelnuts all over the top look just as decadent and delicious as candied nuts (if I liked hazelnuts). Looking forward to May and a new challenge.

  5. Thanks for popping in and share your experience with us. We miss you! Very creative of you to come up with a square crepe.
    Love the crunch nut top!

  6. Making your cake square is a great way to overcome the unevenness of all the crepes, and shows wonderful creativity! Well done!

  7. I LOVE that you did a square cake – original, crisp, and clean lines! Gorgeous crumbled nut topping too! I hope all is going well in the test kitchen!

  8. I like the square cake, and the lesser height makes it look a lot easier to eat than the full stack ones. I think it turned out great, despite the lack of candied hazelnuts. 🙂

  9. Fun, as always, to read everyone's take on this cake. I'm awe that you all spent so much time making it. I couldn't have done it!

  10. I tell ya, I'm completely fascinated by this most recent Daring Bakers adventure! As I mentioned on Ivonne, Gilly and Brilynn's blogs, I saw Martha make this on her TV show and thought it looked amazing. Now, after reading about all your hard work and the dissapointing results, I'm grateful that you saved me from an exhausting afternoon. Still, the insides of the cake look pretty cool!

  11. Hey Veronica and other DB's –

    Have been reading and "lurking" after taking a wonderful chocolate class from Veronica a couple weekends ago! She had mentioned the Daring Bakers, and I thought it was such a cool idea, so I've been checking in to see what you make.

    I am awed by your efforts, and very sympathetic to the plight of finding yourself knee-deep in flour ONLY to realize that a Martha recipe is truly flawed. Boy, some of her stuff is fabulous (she has a killer chocolate caramel recipe that never fails me and makes about a hundred and fifty of the little suckers), but when her recipes flop, they flop BIG! I made a chocolate-hazelnut biscotti of hers once that needed at least another 1 and 1/2 cups of flour to hold together … and a "classic" yellow birthday cake that tasted like sawdust (still don't know why), and a chocolate-swirled brioche for Father's Day last year… the dang thing took me about two days all together (all the rising) and lots of expensive ingredients and was just "eh." After all that time and money, "eh" just doesn't cut it!!!

    Anyway, the photos I saw of your crepe cakes are stunning, even if the thing was a terrible pain to produce.

    🙂 Holly (a sometimes daring baker, but only in the privacy of my own kitchen)

  12. Oh boy! I'm going through your posts and I must applaud your efforts with this recipe that is obviously flawed…your cakes look gorgeous though 🙂

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