Got a Kit Kat?


I’m back and how I missed all of you! I have kind of slacked off in the kitchen, not really experimenting as much as I wanted to.  I had 5 houseguests for 2 weeks and after tearing up the kitchen during the first week (ever heard of too many cooks in the kitchen), I decided to lay low the second week to preserve the sanity of the “hungry” hubby.

The first weekend of my blogging sabbatical, I was able to dine at Michel Richard Citronelle (read more about that adventure here!) All I can say is:WOW! Michel Richard is a culinary genius which explains why he won “Outstanding Chef of the Year” at the recent James Beard Awards.

So I thought it would be fitting to resume posting with a recipe from his book Happy in the Kitchen. Although I wanted to make his faux eggs, I did not have the molds necessary to make them. So the next choice was easy and it was his rendition of the Kit Kat bar. Even if I am very picky with the chocolates I eat, if faced with a choice of a Snickers, Mars, Hershey or a Kit Kat bar, I would always choose the latter.

And Le Kit Cat, as he called it, did not disappoint. It’s an elegant spin on a childhood favorite. The layer of soft chocolate mousse satisfies my grown-up chocolate cravings and the crunchy bottom layer with that peanut butter taste satisfies the child in me. The hazelnut sauce is there to give it a more finished look but you can skip this part in my opinion.

Le Kit Cat

     From Michel Richard’s “Happy in the Kitchen”

Bottom Layer

·         2/3 cup creamy peanut butter

·         2 tbs. peanut oil

·         7 oz. milk chocolate melted and at body temperature

·         1 ¼ cup crushed cornflakes

Top Layer

·         1 ¼ cup heavy cream

·         5 oz. 60% semisweet chocolate, melted and at body temperature

Hazelnut Sauce

·         ½ cup granulated sugar

·         1 tbs. water

·         1 tbs. corn syrup *

·         ½ cup heavy cream

·         ½ cup whole milk

·         ½ cup hazelnut (about 2 oz.)

·         Unsweetened cocoa powder for dusting

·         1 pint raspberries

Line an 8-inch pan with plastic wrap, letting it overhang on all sides.

For the bottom layer

1.      Place peanut butter and oil in the bowl of a stand-mixer and beat with a whisk attachment on medium-high speed to thoroughly combine and light in color, 2 to 3 minutes.

2.      Reduce speed to low and add the melted milk chocolate until thoroughly combined.

3.      Remove bowl from mixer and fold in the cornflakes

4.      Pour into prepared pan and level with a spatula. Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes.

For the top layer

1.      In a bowl of a stand mixer, whisk the cream until soft peaks form.

2.      Place the melted semisweet chocolate in a medium size bowl and fold in half of the cream to lighten it and then quickly fold in the remaining half.

3.      Pour the mixture over the bottom layer, making sure to reach the corners. Beat against the work surface to eliminate any air.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. (At this point the dessert can last 3 days)

For the Hazelnut Sauce

1.      Add the water, corn syrup* to the sugar on a medium size saucepan and mix well. Set on medium-high heat. When the sugar mixture starts boiling reduce heat to simmer.

2.      Meanwhile combine the milk and heavy cream and heat until warm. Turn off the heat, and set aside in a warm place

3.      When the caramel turns to a light amber color, take off the heat and add the hazelnuts. Swirl until they are evenly coated.

4.      Add the milk-cream mixture and return to a boil for 5 minutes.

5.      Put the hazelnut-cream mixture in a blender and grind till the hazelnuts are finely ground. Be careful since the liquid is very hot. (Cover the feed tube with a kitchen towel just in case the steam pushes the cover off.)

6.      Strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Cool and then chill.

To serve le Kit Cat

One hour before serving, lift the block from the pan using the overhang sides. Peel off the plastic and cut it into 4×1 inch bars with a large warm knife. Have deep container of hot water nearby; dip the knife into the water, and dry with a kitchen towel before each cut. Using a fine-mesh sieve, dust the tops of the bars with cocoa powder; Brush gently so the cocoa fills in any small holes. Ladle sauce on the bottom of plate. Arrange some bars on each serving plate and garnish with raspberries.

Cooking Notes

This dessert is very simple to make. The only difficulty I encountered was with the hazelnut sauce. Michel Richard’s method originally called for just water and sugar to make the caramel but I find that adding a little corn syrup makes it more stable and less prone to forming crystals.

Notice that the chocolate gets added at body temperature. He has a tip in his book that specifies the testing of this by touching the chocolate to your lip and still be hot but comfortable.

The block was also a bit difficult to slice but this was probably due to the impatience of yours truly; I also have an inkling that I used the wrong knife to do the job. Oh , and I added the cocoa powder before slicing the bars which accounts for the exposed holes in them but other than a cosmetic issue, this did not affect the taste much.

If you do not use the hazelnut sauce, you can simply pick a bar up with your fingers at its base and take a bite out of it that way…just like a Kit Kat!

Roasting hazelnuts

To roast raw hazelnuts, preheat oven to 325°F. Spread the hazelnuts on a baking sheet and toss with ½ to 1 tsp. of confectioner’s sugar, just enough to coat the nuts. Roast for about 5 minutes, then shake the tray to turn the nuts. Continue to roast another 7 to 8 minutes, or until the nuts are golden and the skins begin to pull away from the nuts. Place about half the nuts in a coarse strainer and rub them against the strainer to remove the skin. Repeat with the remaining nuts.

22 thoughts on “Got a Kit Kat?

  1. Wooo! How could it be anything less than perfect with an ingredient list like that.
    Oh I would really love to bite into one of those.

  2. Welcome back! And thank you for posting your experience at Citronelle. My husband and I have wanted to go, but the opportunity has not arisen. I will now have to make the time. We are also a fan of Open Tables. The next time you are in DC, I recommend Dino. A little lower on the food chain but a great Italian place. The tagliatelle with wild boar is fantastic!

  3. I'm not a great fan of peanut butter (I think it's an acquired taste that you develop when growing up with peanut butter – and I didn't. Iron Curtain, you know:) But paired with chocolate and raspberries, it almost sounds tempting enough to try 😉

  4. Hi Tanna – that's what you feel when you see them…you want to just take a bite out of it.
    Hi Pjpink – oooh you definitely need to go to Citronelle. It is quite the experience. I will definitely go checkout Dino. The hubby and I would drive hours to get to a good restaurant.
    Hi Pille – peanut butter is not a choice by itself for me too but like you if it comes with chocolate i definitely would go gaga over it.
    Thanks Peabody!
    Hi Lydia – definitely give this a try when you can…you will not regret it.
    Thanks Freya – wish it would be easy to send this dessert around. They definitely need to invent that food teleporter soon.

  5. Thanks T.W. – hazelnuts are a favorite in our households specially with chocolate.
    Thanks Joey ! I am eyeing that sage-butter pasta recipe on your blog for dinner tonight…
    Thanks Patricia – I really missed all of you too…glad to be back.
    Brilynn – you won't be disappointed. It is really yummy!
    Hi Cheryl – I really did not think that I could make homemade kitkats…and you know what it was totally worth it!

  6. These are my new favorite dessert to make – I've been wondering what nutella would be like, instead of the pb. 🙂 My husband enjoyed the "discarded" hazelnuts, he spooned them over ice cream!!

  7. YAY!!! Welcome back, Sis!!! Am so happy =)

    And wow.. you know how to come back with a bang, eh? They look scrumptious! I first saw these on Katie's site after she won the HHDD last month.. and now here – I can see how good they really must be!

    Way to go!

  8. Hi Katie – after I saw your comment I realized that you made them too and won the HHDD event…my hubby loved these so much he is convincing his coworker to make this for his family.
    Thanks Sarina…missed you too!
    Thanks Sis. I'm glad to be back …there is something as blog-separation anxiety.
    Thanks Robin!

  9. I'm also not a huge candy bar eater, but if I do go for a chocolate candy it's usually Kit Kat (or Twix). Your version looks and sounds delectable! I love the combo of soft mousse and crunchy bottom.

  10. oof – that sounds good. I have been wanting to try something like this – may have to give these a shot, but only when I have other people around to eat them!!

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