About the Mango…


I am a person who is passive about most fruits (if they are presented in desserts that is a different matter because I love fruit desserts.) My mouth does not water like my hubby’s does when he encounters a watermelon or a grapefruit. I have a feeling it is because for most fruits, you have to peel them to get to their succulence – too much work if you ask me. Grapes and strawberries are easy fruits but then you have to wash them too. So that brings up the question “Is there any fruit that I am as passionate about as, say …chocolate?”

            Yes, and that is a mango. And yes, I am willing to peel it to eat it. The one thing that sets a mango apart from the rest of its fruity peers is its heady scent that your nose can detect from across a room. I’m not talking about supermarket mangoes here, but the yellow-skinned tropical variety that you find in Southeast-Asia

Whenever I eat this fruit I have to hold it up and inhale its “lily-of-the-valley” –like perfume before peeling off its skin to expose its plump juicy flesh. Next, I take an eager bite to sample its perfect balance of sweet and sour, before letting the juices drip or coat my lips with its yellow glaze. This is how my late grandmother and I would eat a mango – over a trashcan and hiding in a room so my other siblings didn’t see us eating it. It is pretty hard to eat all the mangoes you want when every single person in the family is passionate about them, but the grand matriarch that is my grandmother has her own private stock of this much-in-demand fruit.

So how is the civilized way of eating a mango?  Without peeling the skin, you just run a paring knife down each side of the stone-seed. You end up with two fleshy parts.  You do a criss-cross cut and push the flesh out from the bottom of the skin.  This is called the “hedgehog” cut.

Mangoes make wonderful desserts too. Pureed into a thick liquid, they make an excellent shake or a base for ice cream. Sliced and mixed with sugar and cream, they can be a filling for tarts, cream puffs and my favorite preparation of all – crepes! Aside from crepes, which I mostly get when I go home to the Philippines, my fondest memory of a mango dessert is the mango torte. A mango torte is crushed graham crackers layered with a slightly sweetened mango-cream mixture – a killer combination if ever there was one.

I think the scent of the mango plays an integral part in the way a person would enjoy this fruit. The curves, the vivid yellow-orange color, the plump and juicy flesh redolent with flavor, this fruit is so sensual I sometimes wonder why it was the apple and not the mango that Eve tempted Adam with!

Mango Torte

            I got this recipe from a friend more than 20 years ago. The first time I made this was for my dad. My dad asked me how much mango I needed and I said 3 to 4. Well, he bought 3 kilos (hmmn… maybe he was expecting me to make more than 1 torte?) Anyway when all was said and done, he was so impressed with the torte that he included it (with minor tweaking) in our restaurant’s pastry offerings. It was a hit! To this day, my sister-in-law said it is still in demand and her 14-year old son (my nephew) had further tweaked it with a special ingredient.

            Anyway, let me offer it in the way I remembered it. It is very easy to make but you have to prepare it a day ahead.


  • 21 ounces Nestle Cream
  • 7 ounces Condense Milk
  • 4 medium mangoes (Mexican champagne will work)
  • 1 ½ cup Graham Cracker crumbs

* 8×8 baking pan


  1. Line your baking pan with foil with a 1-inch overhang on each side.
  1. Mix the condense milk and the chilled Nestle cream together.
  1. Sprinkle Graham cracker crumbs evenly at the base. Pour a layer of cream on top. Using a spoon, thinly scoop the flesh of the mango and layer it on top of the cream.
  1. Repeat the process beginning with the Graham cracker crumbs.
  1. For your last layer, put the cream down first and sprinkle with the graham crackers.
  1. Freeze for at least 24 hours.
  1. To serve, let thaw for 30 minutes, lift the block out from the pan and slice.


* NOTE: Nestle Cream is available at most Asian Supermarkets.

23 thoughts on “About the Mango…

  1. Veron, I have had no experience working with mangos, but I noticed that during my recent Raw Food adventures, it seemed to be a key ingredient in many dishes because of its sweetness, color and because it's easy to puree. This recipe sounds like a great way to get initiated, and I may have everything I need in the house, except the mangos!

  2. I've had no luck buying decent mangoes in Estonia, and was envious to see all those boxes of Pakistani & Indian mangoes in Scotland. Great-looking torte – I wish I had brought back some mangoes from Scotland now:)

  3. Ah! Mangoes! My favorite fruit too…and definitely in a class of its own 🙂 We just got a bunch of really sweet ones, but as you can imagine, they are all gone now! What a great post Veron…Mango Torte has such a HUGE following here in Manila 🙂 Just remembering it makes me think of parties here!

  4. My husband is a mango fanatic — he will love this recipe. I don't think he's ever had mango torte (and neither have I!).

  5. I am so with you on hating how much work it is to peel fruit. That is why I tend to make things with raspberries and blueberries so there isn't too much work.

    This is truly a beautiful dessert. I love the cross section of it where you can see the mangos. Would love to try this.

  6. I love Mango and Chocolate too! It's quite depressing that I can't get nice mango here as often as back home. But desperate time calls for desperate measure. I will have to try this recipe with some frozen mango. Hope it will work….

  7. I too share your passion for mangoes and this dessert is one of my favorite (or should I say my entire family). Yummy!

  8. Hi T.W. – mango has a phenomenal flavor, it's the perfect mix of sweet and sour and goes so well in sweet or savory or raw dishes. I think I've even seen them in sushi.
    Pille – I'm sorry you don't have mangoes in Estonia. Next time you go on a trip and see some get a couple and try it on dessert.
    Joey – I am so envious of you right now. I think Philippines has one of the best mangoes…
    Lydia – definitely try this recipe!
    Brilynn – same here…
    Cheryl – we are alike in that way. I love using the raspberries because you just plop them on the dessert and they are delicious.
    Patricia – yeh, mangoes can be addictive. I always look forward to the season as a child.
    Mandy – let me know if the frozen mango works.
    Anne – It seems to be a favorite in every family I know too!
    Thanks Susan !

  9. Oh, how I love mangoes too. This dessert looks great, and so easy to make! Now, I just have to figure out where to get that Nestle Cream… gotta keep my eyes open next time I'm at the Asian grocery store…. what is it exactly?

  10. Veron, I am such a big fan of mangoes. I grew up in a town that had its main avenues mango tree lined. I have eaten an awful lot of mango in my lifetime. In the Uk mango is very expensive and unfortunately quite often tasteless so I don't get that excited taht often. What a gorgeous looking recipe.

  11. Hi Monique – Nestle cream is a very thick whipping cream that we use a lot in the Philippines. It is great mixed with condense milk.
    Wow valentina – I can just imagine how sweet the smell is with an avenue full of mangoes. So sorry that the mangoes in the UK are tasteless. Most available in the US are from mexico which is quite decent but does not compare to the real thing.

  12. I just used my first mango of the summer the other day in a salsa.. was fab. I love the mango so much because you can use it in savory dishes as well.. YUM!

    This looks too good to pass up – I can see why it's a hit at your family's restaurant. YUM, Sis!!


  13. Hi
    I love your cake stand with the ribbon. Can you please tell me where it is from? Thanks so much, Veronica!

  14. Hi,

    This is Josie from India. I came across your blog through another foodie blogger. Food blogs are almost the same, but I really like the variety of topics I see here. This is one of the best I've seen so far, and I very well agree that the mango is one of the best fruits. It's beautiful, simple, luscious, sweet, and filling. Can't expect any more…

  15. I am always looking for different recipes, especially Cakes, Tortes and other desserts. I like recipes from other countries, all over the world. Was looking for Mango Torte. This one looks good,I hope, when I make it, it will tast as goos as it looks here on your web.

  16. i love mangoes.. i’ll try this recipe tommorrow because my bestfriend cuy will visit us in our town in bulacan..

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