F & W Mag. features Richmond restaurants

I just received my copy of Food & Wine magazine, and just as Brandon of Brandon Eats mentioned in an earlier post of hers, Richmond, Va gets the spotlight on FOOD & WINE across America special in their July issue. Among the featured are : Acacia , DogWood Grille and Spirits, Comfort and Can Can Brasserie. Speaking of Can Can , I used Open Table to secure a reservation for last Friday. When I got there, they cannot find it on their computer. Luckily they were still able to sit us…but I was royally p***ed because I was very hungry. Good thing the dinner was fabulous from start to finish…but they need to get that glitch fixed because it could cause problems in the future specially for their out-of-town guests. (For lovers of garlic, they had garlic soup on their specials and I tell you it was out of this world!)

Also mentioned were: Belmont Butchery ( a favorite stop for charcuterie and other hard to find meat cuts), Grape and Cheese, Jamaica House and Carena’s Jamaican Grille.

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