Me and McGee

Okay, it probably sounds more like McGee and 20 other people. Anyway, I just finished the first day of the "The Harold McGee lecture series" . My head is full and exploding with countless ideas for new experiments. The "hungry" hubby is fearful that I might come home with a microscope and some form of hydrocolloids. I was also specially surprised and excited to run into someone I only knew from the blogosphere.

Update: 07/15/07

To check out who the mystery blogger is, check out his account of our meeting here .

6 thoughts on “Me and McGee

  1. Hi Lydia – yes it is T.W.! I am still so surprised at how we met in real life.
    Hi Tanna, I will sure write about it. In the mean time, T.W. already has an account of the first day on his blog.

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