The Tartlets of Balthazar


I can’t stop thinking of my tartlet rampage last weekend.  It was as if I could not control myself from sampling the tempting display at the Balthazar Bakery.  This started on Friday, I was anticipating my solitary dinner there and I popped into their take-out shop adjacent to the main restaurant. I saw the plum frangipane tart and the mixed berry tart. I immediately had to have them to-go.

          At dinner that night, after ordering two entrees of duck confit and bouillabaisse (do I hear “pig”!), I decided to skip dessert and head back to the hotel where my tarts awaited me. I ate half of the mixed-berry and half of the plum-frangipane. I retired that night with a smile on my lips.

       The following morning, Saturday, I had what was leftover for breakfast and in the evening, headed back to Balthazar again to see what else they had to offer. This time I picked the cherry clafoutis tart which actually looked more like cherries in lemon custard tart. It was simply divine! The custard was so silky and had just the right amount of lemony taste that complemented the sweet and plump dark cherries. Again I had leftover tart for breakfast the following morning with my coffee. What better way to start the day, I thought.



         On Sunday, T.W.and I headed to Balthazar for lunch. We both shared the cherry clafoutis tart and he agreed it was delicious.

            Finally on Monday, the day I was leaving New York City, I was seized with such panic of never having to see my beloved tarts again that I just had to order a tart sampler. But first I made T.W. promise that he had to help me consume it. So for lunch dessert, the tarts we ate were cherry clafoutis, mango soufflé and plum frangipane. I regret I did not have a picture of this delightful trio. I think my stomach overruled my better sensibilities hence the wasted photo op.

Both T.W. and I agreed that the mango soufflé tart was the clear winner, but I think the burst of intense flavor we got from it  was what overpowered the taste of the remaining tarts.

Although my jean buttons were complaining of tart overload after all those sweet endings, I was definitely in tart heaven!

14 thoughts on “The Tartlets of Balthazar

  1. It's been such fun to read your posts and TW's about your New York experience! I laughed when I read what he wrote about the tartlets, and now here you are, writing about it too! Mango souffle tart does sound incredibly delicious — more so when you enjoy it with a new friend.

  2. I think of all desserts, tarts are my favorite. I love the variety of flavors and shapes. They're so beautiful. I haven't made one in so long, your great description and the photo make me want to put one together. Great post!

  3. Hi T.W. – sorry to up the bar on lunch…but at least you live in NY and have access to it.
    Hi Lydia – T.W. and I had so much fun. I was glad I unmasked him on the first day.
    Joey – you have no idea…that mango souffle haunts my dreams.
    Hi Kristen – thanks for that reasoning…I think so too…hee
    Thanks susan – it's really nice sharing a tart with someone…that way you are not alone in gaining weight …;)
    Hi Tanna – yes…those were a lot of tarts.
    Hi kellypea – i'm all about tarts right now…specially it being summer now seems to be the best time for it.

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