Got Pork?


T.W. ,writer extraordinaire of the food blog Culinary Types, outdid himself when he managed to get us reservations at The Little Owl at the last minute.  A 28-seat restaurant at the corner of Bedford and Grove located in the West Village, it just opened last May, but had created such a buzz that when we got there right before 5 pm there were already people waiting outside to be seated. The place quickly filled up even before we got our appetizers.

In between bites of our peach-salad and meatball slider appetizers, T.W. interviewed me about my reasons for starting this blog. Details of that on-the-spot interview can be found here.

On the menu, my eyes zeroed in on their specialty named simply: “The Pork Chop”.

My ginormous (the word is now in Merriam-Webster dictionary so I might as well use it) pork chop was cooked to perfection. I ordered mine medium-well and when they presented me with a 1.25 1.5 inch chop, I was afraid that it would be too dry. But when I sliced a modest piece of my dish and began the chewing process, I was elated to discover that it was juicy and full of flavor. My chop had perfect grill marks and its glistening surface had a lot of palatable appeal. It came on top of parmesan butter beans which were equally delicious.

I’ll let the picture above speak for itself.


I believe T.W.’s chicken dish was also scrumptious. I just loved the crunch of the crispy skin when he let me sample his dish.


As for desserts, I preferred the raspberry beignets that T.W. had ordered rather than my warm brownie cake. He was lucky that the pork chop satisfied my hungry belly or I would have eaten his dessert!J


            So for those lucky folks who happen to live in New York City, go pay a visit to The Little Owl.

A review in the New York Times said that they season their pork chop with cayenne, curry, cumin and coriander. I thought I detected some thyme in the mix and I’m sure they brined it — well, there is only one way to find out…

14 thoughts on “Got Pork?

  1. Holy cow.. I mean pig.. now that is a huge chop! You have made me want to go to this restaurant now! Hell, I'd probably be happy to just walk by in hopes I'd get a sniff. 😀

    I'm glad you had a good time up there!


  2. Oooh, so now you're going to take on The Little Owl's recipe? Fun!!! Actually, I hope you make the raspberry beignets, which sound fantastic.

  3. Hmmmm a woman who loves her meat as much as I do and duck confot and cassoulet and bouillabaisse…love it! Great pics and so happy you had such a good time!

  4. Hey lisa, I had a fantabulous time, specially since I had sampled the most outrageously tasty pork chop!
    You're welcome T.W. I felt that the picture says a thousand words when it comes to describing the little owl's signature dish.
    Thanks Tanna. Luck has been in the stars indeed for this trip.
    thanks Kristen. Delicious it surely is and more!
    Hi Lydia- you read my mind…aside from the chops, I would love to make the raspberry beignets.
    Hi Sarina, Glad you were able to make those biscotti's they were soooo good!
    Hi Big boys oven! The chop was very succulent and cooked perfectly all the way to the bone.
    Thanks Helen. I am indeed a woman who loves my meat.
    Thanks amy. I was really pleasantly surprised that a chop that big which I ordered well-done was juicy all through out.

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