Playing with Fondant


I guess when they said everything gets on the fondant, I guess they meant EVERYTHING! A little bit messy on the cut-outs too and the gold dust but – hey I had so much fun doing this!

30 thoughts on “Playing with Fondant

  1. that looks so nice. I have had fondant in the cupboard for about a year and have been afraid to try it. now I really want to play with it with the kids.

  2. how pretty. fondant is on my list of projects, i'm hoping to make my son's christening cake. still haven't found the courage to get started though. you always inspire me!

  3. Thanks everyone for the postivie feedbacks! You know the saying that we are our own worse critics – I guess there were some parts I thought I could have done better – but I am generally pleased as this was my first attempt at fondant.
    Shayne , Pille, and Maybahay – go ahead and try fondant. My favorite part was making the flowers – they were so easy but so full of appeal. The wilton website has a lot of information.

  4. oh my gosh, That looks fabulous! Was it made for something special or were you just playing around? What flavor is it? ;]

    Messy? You should have seen my first (catastrophic) attempts. And it was only for cookies as well!

  5. Dana and Jazz – there was a Wilton class at Sur La table but that same day was also the hubby's aunt's 60th birthday. So it worked out perfectly. I think it helps to see someone actually do it to get an idea. There were other professional cake decorators taking the class as well so I felt my work was pretty amateurish compared to theirs :).

  6. Oh my goodness, Veron!! This is spectacular. WOW! I had no idea that you were a professional cake decorator…can I just once again say, wow!

  7. he..hee.. I am not a professional cake decorator. this was my first cake. But I have already received 2 orders for cakes…
    thanks for all the sweet compliments!

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