Decadence in a Glass


            The Daring Bakers are at it again! This time the event is hosted by my lovely friend Mary of Alpineberry. The theme for the month is “Bostini Cream Pie” – nope no typo there. I have a weakness for stirred custards – I think they make the most luscious desserts!

            I cut the recipe in two and it worked out quite well and for the first time I had no disaster to speak of. Of course, I was doubtful at first because my custard never set so the plating I envisioned never took place. As a fix, I poured the custard into a glass and cut circles in the chiffon cake to fit over it. Then I poured a warm chocolate glaze all over the top which was the perfect finishing touch.

            I loved the flavor and texture of the chiffon cake. In fact I was snacking on leftover pieces after I cut out the circles I needed. The custard had a bit of “flourly” taste to it that I felt detracted from its over all creaminess and taste – I wonder if this meant I did not cook the egg mixture enough. The chocolate glaze was perfect; I believe the taste of this largely depends on the quality of chocolate you will use.

            My thanks to Mary for this wonderful exercise in the different components of baking: custards, chiffon cake and chocolate. The recipe is on her blog.  Please check the different interpretations of my fellow Daring Bakers here.


50 thoughts on “Decadence in a Glass

  1. Great way to present this dessert…I just want to dip my spoon right in. My custard was also soft and a bowl or glass seemed the way to go. Yours is lovely.

  2. I think your Bostini looks really pretty presented the way you have it photographed. My custard was the exact opposite…it really set up firmly, but I whisked and cooked it to death, so it was definitely not undercooked which probably explains my case. I love seeing how everyone has slight variations though, its always interesting. 🙂

  3. Veron. your glass version looks really cute! My custard does not set either, but it tastes fine to me. Perhaps it is the cornstarch? I do notice that different brands of corn starch have different 'dissolve' property…

  4. I wish I had thought about serving this dessert in a glass – it looks nice with all the layers!
    Beautifully completed challenge, Veron!

  5. Well done! I love the glassware, it truly makes for an elegant presentation. It's interesting you called the custard "flourly," as I too thought that the custard was a tad bit heavy on the cornstarch side, and I halved it as well…

  6. I love your presentation of this — so unlike all of the other DB posts I've been reading today. This one looks just like a cocktail!

  7. Decadent is right! My custard did not set very firmly either. I think yours looks lovely layered. I applaud your bravery in cutting the recipe in half. I wanted to but was afraid it would not work due to all the 3's in the recipe. Great work!

  8. Love the glass! Very pretty. I didnt like the custard, it was too "eggy" and kind of blah for me. But so many liked it, Im wondering if I did something wrong. We loved the cake though.

    Great job!

  9. Hi Veron, it doesn't matter that your custard doesn't set – look how pretty your dessert looks because you had to improvise.

    As for the custard tasting flourly, I have a feeling that you are correct to say that you didn't cook it long enough. I read somewhere that you have to cook off the flour taste.

  10. Veronica, I love the beading along the top of your glass. It makes it a classy dessert!!! How much fun it is month to month to bake with you (not to mention the back and forth). So glad we're DBer sisters!!!

  11. I loved serving mine in a glass too! 🙂 I thought it worked really well with this presentation 🙂

    Your glass is much cuter tough…heehee 🙂

  12. I love the presentation in the glass. I'm starting to think I did something wrong with the cake because I didn't care for the texture much. Yours looks wonderful, though!!

  13. Beautiful presentation, Veron! And the floury taste might be from not cooking the custard long enough because I didn´t notice it in my custard, though I did notice an eggy flavor in my chiffon cake.

  14. I love love love that glass, Sis.. is it vintage?

    Beautiful Bostini.. as always – everything you make is always just gorgeous. =)

    love you!

  15. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments.
    Mary – I'm going to take you up on that Scala bostini visit next time I'm in San Fran – which might be sooner than you think !
    For those of you who asked about the glass, i got it from, They are called venetian style wine tumbers and come in a set of 6 with different designs. I also got the 3-ounce versions but I don't remember where I got those….

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