Zero-Calorie Macarons


I was working on  Pierre Herme’s white truffle macaron from his book ,PH10, yesterday but what resulted was a very weird tasting filling that I could not bring myself to publish here. I was pretty sure I translated the French instructions correctly. The problem I think was in the type of white truffle paste  I used – which was more appropriate to be used in pasta dishes than  macarons. Oh well, that post just has to wait.

Anyway, to further annotate my spiraling obsession into macaron land, I commissioned some macaron magnets from the talented Kia of Aoi’s Art. She makes 100% calorie free food! I sent her some pictures of my macaron creations and she so cutely turned them into magnets so I wouldn’t be without them in case I had some mishaps in making this finicky cookies.

Anyway, I promise to post some edible food soon!

18 thoughts on “Zero-Calorie Macarons

  1. Awww how cute! And they look so real! Hmm.. wonder if she'd make me a "mother ship" cake magnet.. complete with craters? heheee!

    Looking forward the white truffle macaron post!


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