How to eat a Macaron

I cringe sometimes when I bring macarons to work and I see people – especially guys (you know who you are) – just pop the whole thing in their mouth.

Now I don’t want to be the macaron nazi and I understand because of its relative bite-sizeness – the natural tendency is to well – put the entire macaron in your mouth. But guys, macarons are delicate cookies … they are meant to be savored. So here are my three simple steps to eating a macaron :

  1. Hold macaron between thumb and forefinger and observe the structure. Nice feet? How about the shape? Is it too domed?


     2. Okay now, take that first tentative bite. Was there a delicate crunch meeting a slightly chewy and pillowy shell? How about the filling ? Does it complement the shell?


    3.  Alright take that next bite. By now you should be thinking that macarons are indeed a gift from the Gods (just like chocolate).


18 thoughts on “How to eat a Macaron

  1. Ha! It's a good thing we have you around to keep us from completely losing control! From this point forward, I will rigorously adhere to the three-step macaron program!

  2. Admittedly, I actually take just two bites. The first to check out the insides, and then I finish the whole thing off in another bite. Thanks for the tutorial Veron! I'll be less of a savage the next time I have a macaron;)

  3. You are so right. My husband would have put the whole tasty thing in his mouth, in one fail plop. I have tried to correct his eating habits before and have had no success. He is always going to eat the way he wants, but he loves the way I cook and a big part of what I make is your recipes.

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