Cupcakes now available at Petites Bouchees


After the successful debut of this cupcake trio at a friend’s chili-cookoff, I thought it best to kick my ass into gear and get my business site updated with this new offering. I was not able to take a picture of the boxed cupcakes but they come in a hot pink box. Each cupcake is held in place by an insert specifically made for these. More than one of my friend’s guests remarked that these would be perfect to take to parties. I agree.

21 thoughts on “Cupcakes now available at Petites Bouchees

  1. They look gorgeous! Best of luck on sales, but I'm sure you won't need to it cupcakes like those. Plus, a hot pink box would just seal the deal if you ask me.

  2. This is so exciting. The whole product styling looks fabulous, from the name, to the ribbons, to your packaging, to your macaroons, the cupcakes… Best of luck and let us know how it goes. I wish I lived closer to Richmond…

  3. Thanks Hannah! When I first saw the cupcake boxes, I knew it would be the perfect fit for my cupcakes.
    Thanks Big Boys Oven – I was really tickled at how the cupcakes turned out too. Plus they tasted really delicious!
    Hi T.W. – The swirls were made by the biggest decorating tips I could find for the star and plain tips.
    Thanks Bea!
    It's fun to share the experience on this blog with wonderful people like you Lydia!

    Thanks Aran. The business is slow in getting known and everyone I know seems to be on a diet. but I'm looking forward to the Farmer's market debut. I already have a banner made for my stall.

    Thanks, Susan and thanks for tagging me.

  4. those are gorgeous! if i lived anywhere near you, i would keep you in business myself!

    Bookstore, is there not a synergy between books and cupcakes? i've always thought one enhanced the other!

  5. Again I am wishing that I was closer to you so I could actually order these beauties! So nice to see your business growing…exciting! 🙂

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