Small, Medium,Large


At least that was what happened to my challenge for this month which is hosted by my dear friend Mary of the The Sourdough and Sara of I like to cook. The theme was French bread and just not any French bread but the recipe by the French Chef herself – the lovable Julia Child!

           The making of the bread itself was not hard – especially since I used my trusty kitchen aid -and  no I did not drop the whisk into it this time. But it does take a while to complete so you need to plan your day around it. For example, I made my dough early in the morning and went shopping afterwards – how neat is that? When I came back with a couple of bags from Sur La Table, I deflated my growing blob and got it ready for its second rise. Then I started dinner which was chicken bouillabaisse (okay I know you purists are going to slam me) and also prepared some garlic aioli (watch for the recipes in my next post- my hubby was happy that real food was back on the table.)

I did run into a problem with shaping the dough. There was no way I could form baguettes with it – it kept springing back. What did I do wrong, Mary? Too much gluten?

Anyway, when I was partitioning my dough I was fresh from a bout with the whisk trying to make aioli the second time – so I was bit tired and frustrated (never make aoili and french bread on the same day). And as I shaped my bread I knew that I made them in different sizes as in small, medium , large!

Oh well. The bread tasted yummy specially smeared with the garlic aioli and dipped in some of the saffron scented broth of the bouillabaisse and that was all that mattered!

I strongly recommend that you go visit the great aroma of bread wafting from my other co-daring bakers blogs.

And my thanks to Mary and Sarah for this great challenge!



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