Losing the lottery …

It was with mixed emotions that I received the news that I did not get into the exclusive class of Pierre Hermé at the The French Pastry school  in Chicago – seats were handed out to 20 lucky participants via a lottery. Why mixed feelings? The first was sadness because my excitement was squashed knowing that I would not be meeting the Picasso of Pastry and tasting the numerous creations he was going to make. I heard he was going to demo new creations for his signature Ispahan – the supposed glorious combination of rose, raspberries and lychee. I say “supposed”, because I’m not too fond of rose flavor in desserts but I am looking forward to try it. The second emotion was relief. Why? Because now I don’t have to barter my first-born to pay for the class, hotel, airfare etc. – oh wait a minute I don’t have kids. 😉

Anyway, I hope someone, who is a blogger, will get the scoop on the class. I would be thrilled if not envious to catch a glimpse of Pierre Herme’s genius in any shape or form.

Christophe Michalak ( Helen’s other boyfriend and who helped developed Paulette’s macarons ) also has a class at the school this March – it was only last week that I found out so it was such a short notice, besides I don’t fancy going to Chicago in the winter – wish they would have it later in the year.

11 thoughts on “Losing the lottery …

  1. I understand your mixed feelings… it would be nice to be there and meet our GOD!!! LOL… Helen's other boyfriend would also be worth checking out. Just bought his book. I met him 4 years ago in Vegas and he sure is cute, cute, cute!!!

    By the way, I can't wait for your macaroons.

  2. he..he…the problem with that Aran, if I go to a Christophe class if I would learn anything or if I will just continue to stare at him with dreamy eyes. I'm looking forward to creating your macaron order. 🙂

  3. oh goodness, can you imagine us in the class asking him to show us how to pipe macarons.
    "Pouvez-vous me montrer comme dresser le macarons sur un plaque de papier cuisson?" (although I'm sure the class is in English, I'm just practicing French – see Helen?"

  4. I didn't win the lottery too. 😦 At least there's a 10% discount which I can use on their future classes. I was joking with hubs that we should just go Chicago to stalk PH after his class in the French Pastry School, instead of paying the ungodly fee! But none of us speaks french. Duh.

  5. Oh dear Veron, so sorry to hear that but . . . if you are in Kuala Lumpur, I will definitely register you into my Macaron class!, no need to but lottery as I don't sell any! 🙂

  6. Sorry you didn't get in, Sis.. but listen, that's a good thing for Pierre.. once he tasted your macarons he'd hand over the crown to you and retire. 🙂


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