Bouchon Redux


There are recipes you make once and then there are those that you couldn’t leave well enough alone. When I first made Thomas Keller’s chocolate bouchons, all I had were big 3-ounce timbale molds from Sur la Table. This chocolate number, despite its size, was pretty heavy and a couple of bites were more than enough to satisfy even the most ingrained chocolate lover. My desire to look for smaller molds intensified when I actually had a divine taste of these little gems at the eponymous Bouchon Bakery at Napa Valley.  They actually used silicone molds, available at J.B. Prince, but they come only in full sheet sizes. I asked customer service if I could cut it in half but the lady I spoke to replied “ You could, but I do not recommend it.” Helpful, huh?

They also had the individual 1.5 ounce molds.  I heed and hawed about buying them – for a couple of reasons – they come out to be more expensive, are more trouble to wash and store. And I do not need more baking dishes!


Oh well, I eventually gave in. Resistance was futile once the image of cute little bouchons started dancing in my head. So here it is – a replay of the bouchon recipe. I am happy to say that they look and taste pretty darn close to the original!


Cooking Notes:

I actually remembered to cool the bouchons upside down in their molds this time around. This step helped keep its cork-shape perfectly. With the smaller mold size, cooking time is around 18 minutes in a 350F oven.  I used 1/2 tsp of salt compared to the 1 tsp the recipe originally called for. Also, I was more mindful of how I chopped the chocolate and did not have problems with the pastry bag this time. They also make great dinner desserts because you can make the batter a day ahead. The bouchons are also darker for this batch because I used Valrhona unsweetened cocoa instead of Scharffenberger. As usual, the best part is the melted chocolate speckled throughout its interior.


28 thoughts on “Bouchon Redux

  1. veron, these are gorgeous! they look delicious and your photos are so well composed. great job! I use that same ribbon a lot, martha's crafts right? beautiful cake stand too! well done!

  2. Cute little bites of fudgey chocolate heaven? What could be better! I've never even heard of any one attempting to veganize a bouchon, but perhaps I should look into it. 😉

  3. I love that you keep trying until you perfect a recipe; often I try once, and if it doesn't work, I give up and move on. Those little molds are beautiful — and who deserves them more than a professional baker??!

  4. Don't they look cute with those little pink bow ties! Very dapper! I cracked up when I read about the image of little bouchons dancing in your head! Sometimes the confection takes control and we just have to buy the baking pan!

  5. oh Veron, you make me crave for some bouchons now. I am going to make it first time tomorrow morning. Do you think mini muffin pans will work?

  6. Thanks Aran – yes it is Martha stewart crafts. I loved that particular piped pink ribbon of hers as well as the teal one.
    Amy and Mandy – I believe it should work in a mini muffin pan. Just make sure you push in the little chocolate chunks so you will have good structure when you invert it.
    Hi Hannah – couldn't wait to see how you veganize these bouchons!
    Thanks Lydia for you wonderful compliment. I do love the molds a lot and could see many uses for it.
    Thanks T.W. – actually the first thing that came to mind were penguins with pink tuxedo…
    Hi Bookstore Piet – yes it would be good to remove the ribbon before eating it ;).
    Hi Tanna – yes resistance is futile especially after that first bite….

  7. I have been wanting to try making these but I'm having the same trouble with finding the right molds. Can you tell me what the dimensions of yours are? These look beautiful.

  8. I tried some bouchons at the beautiful Pearl Bakery in Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend it. There is another bouchon recipe in David Lebovitz's book about chocolate, which is also on Molly's blog "Orangette." I'll have to try both your's and David's

  9. These just look so pretty – I can't imagine the time they must have taken to unmold and have their pretty pink ribbons tied on. Worth it, though.

  10. I love the way you photographed the ingredients here; that's an excellent way to show a before/after. And to point out the details with text!

    I'm going to steal this idea for a future foray in my own kitchen.

    Thanks for sharing your experience here, I have so little patience with baking, and especially trying to make the food "look" good. Of course, that's why I term myself a messy chef.

  11. JB lists an orange non-stick fleximold holding 15 timable molds, which hold nearly the same volume -has anyone tried these?

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