Last January, I met fellow food blogger Brandon of Brandon Eats for the very first time (although I’ve been a long-time fan of her blog) after I won the saffron and garlic chicken prize from the ever successful Menu for Hope IV. I was happy she could stay and chat for a while about our common obsession – food, what else? During the course of our wonderful conversation, I also summoned the courage to offer her some of my macarons. For those of you who don’t know, Brandon is a well-known food critic here in the Richmond, Va area. I was praying that she would like my macarons. And I’m lucky she did for she wrote a flattering blurb about them in this month’s issue of Belle!

My thanks to Brandon and to Belle for featuring me in their Style and Substance section!

14 thoughts on “Belle

  1. I can't wait to taste your Macarons! I plan to order some for a special occasion… glad you are doing so well with them! Those bouchons look great in your last post, too! So much for the diet…

  2. congrats on the coverage.. i like how they're referred to as "little kisses".. how appropriate!

    p/s: u should def make those puppy cookies for ur pooh 🙂

  3. when will you be setting up "shop" at the farmer's market? can't wait to meet you and indulge in the "little kisses"!

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