… not the movie. That’s the number of macarons made this past weekend. I thought I was going to get tired of making them, but the macaron has some mystique about it that continues to facinate me. Each box sent out the door feels like I’m sending my little sandwich cookies to good homes – albeit to be devoured – I always pray that my customers enjoy them as much as I do.

After furiously whipping, piping, baking and then filling, I still had some energy leftover to ponder a summer collection of macarons which I want to call "Tropical Luxe".

The first inspiration is based on the Brazilian Caipirinha drink. I used lime zest in the shell. The buttercream is infused with the cachaca liquour. I also added some lime juice in it but it made the butter cream too runny and it did not last long at room temperature. A little more tweaking is in order.

My next macaron has the typical chocolate shell but will be sandwiching a mint citron vodka ganache inspired from this post. At first I was not too sure of my ratio of cream, chocolate and citron vodka (Hangar One Buddha’s hand – simply no substitute), but it was no question my most trancendental combination to date.


Toying around with my last Tropical-themed macaron – it has to be mango. Whether as buttercream or ganache, I have yet to decide. Ofcourse, that will also depend if the Macaron Gods will allow me to bake them in the heat of the summer , so it all depends.

I’ve received numerous emails about macarons , especially about the difficulties encountered in making them. My good friend Helen is preparing a step by step instructional post on it and I will link it here when she publishes it. You can also refer to my macaron chronicles found here.

Something I’ve noticed this past weekend is that greasy nuts can be the bane to your macaron aspirations. A sure sign of this is when the feet tend to spread out like a duck beak. Also you need to know the properties of the nuts you use. Hazelnuts tend to have fragile shells and sometimes so do pistachios but all you need is to leave the macarons in the refrigerator overnight and this should fix the problem. Also, in the past I have experimented with leaving the macarons to dry longer than normal – the tops tend to crack or the feet refused to form – so I try not to leave them out longer than 40 minutes – 20 minutes is usually sufficient. And most importantly, no matter what macaron recipe you use, the most important code of macaron making is to know when you have mixed just enough – and this unfortunately comes with trial and error.

Anyway let me leave you all with a picture of my hot pink cupcake box. I finally was able to take a picture of it!


22 thoughts on “300

  1. Go, Veron Go! I don't want to make 300 of anything. I once got stuck making 1500 cream puff swans and I think that has tainted me from making too much of anything! 🙂

  2. Woohoo! Great job Veron! 🙂 Your macarons, and your cupcakes, and even your box, are all gorgeous! How I wish I lived closer to you so I could order some!

  3. Mmmm…those new combinations sound delish! I am starting to think about your macarons again and am getting hungry…they are so good!

  4. Wow! 300 is a lot, Veron! 🙂
    I'm excited about the caipirinha macaron. I don't know much about macarons, does the filling have to be buttercream? What if you mix condensed milk, cream, lime zest and juice and a tiny hint of cachaca? It would be firm and you would control that by adding more or less juice. And it would definitely have an extra Brazilian feel with the addition of sweetened condensed milk.

  5. It sounds like the business is going well!! I can't wait for Helen's post – I have been wanting to try to make macarons, but haven't yet. Maybe that will be my weekend adventure!

  6. I'm so glad things are going well for your business. The packaging looks great! I'm still eagerly awaiting the possibility of you shipping to California;)

  7. Thanks Brilynn – I get excited when a new macaron flavor pops up in my head.
    Thanks Lydia for the advertising my site to your friends!
    Thanks Peabody – I seem to remember you having a phobia for the cream puffs…and the swans are harder to make too!
    Hi Joey – yes I wish I could send some of my macarons and cupcakes your way.
    Thanks ARan and it is so sweet of you to award me the badge of Excellence.
    Thanks Sarah – the new flavors are indeed very promising.
    Thanks Patricia for the tips! maybe it does not have to be buttercream after all.
    Hi Cheryl, definitely give the macarons a try.
    Hi Deborah – give it a shot, I got it on my second try and you might even get it on your first. Use helen's recipe , it's a pretty good one.
    Thanks Marvin – the business is a very exciting venture so far. I could ship to california but it'll have to be 2-day air 😦

  8. OK. #1, holy wowness that you made 300! #2, holy double wowness that they all look so fantastic. #3, what fantastic flavors! You are rocking my world today! I have a suspicion which way you voted, if you voted on my little poll. 🙂

  9. Yeah!!! I am so thrilled that you are this busy!! But honestly, who would not, just look at those! The cupcakes are just gorgeous! Will send you the link to the tutorial asap, editor of the magazine seem to have a little bit of issues…not with me tough..:)

  10. Thanks everyone!
    Amrita – The buttercream gets fluffy when you add the butter temperature at 65F- 67F any warmer than that then it gets greasy – an infrared thermometer is your best friend. Also , fresh yolks are better. I always make my buttercream fresh for each round of macarons for the day, I refrigerate it for about half an hour to firm it up a little but not too firm that it will be hard to pipe. Timing is everything in the land of macarons!

  11. I am so impressed. 300 Macarons and they are perfect!! We are doing these for my wedding in June. I am a bit nervous! I appreciate your tips. We need all the help we can get. Hopefully they will turn out. Want to fly out to Utah in June?? Ha!!

  12. Veronica,
    How big are your sticky labels?? I am in the finishing steps of working with a graphic designer getting labels made for a candy that I am going to be selling, and although my labels are more of an oval yours looks like the size I want my to be. Do you have different size labels depending on what size box (or cello bag) you use?

  13. That is amazing! Making 20 macarons took me forever, I can't imagine making 300. I think it's so awesome that you've started this business, it really inspires me to see people pursue their passion. Everything looks beautiful.

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