Some Business changes

I realize when you start a new business , some areas are moving targets and you really cannot second guess all of your customers buying habits. I know there are companies that do this survey and statistical analysis but at this point I cannot afford them ;). Anyway, I thought Saturdays are when most orders are needed but I guess it could be just any day of the week. I’ll still keep my availability calendar for smaller and local orders on Saturday, but for orders of 10 dozen or more if you give me a two week notice, I can accomodate the order and deliver it for free on most days of the week (Richmond,VA only ). So go ahead and have that tea party!

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5 thoughts on “Some Business changes

  1. I spotted your car in short pump a few days ago! I have a pic of your car with the cute little sign! I was planning on doing a post about your delicious macarons, but before I got to take a pic of them, we ate them all!

    My son (2 1/2) loved them as much as we did. My wife is interested in some cupcakes, so I might place an order soon.

  2. Thanks ARan!
    Hi Sketchy – I'm glad your family liked the macarons – yes kids seem to love them too! Yes , I do go to short pump a lot ;).

  3. Fantastic! I love that you're going for this. Keep us all updated as you discover new things and go through the challenges with your business–we're all "eating it up"!

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