Hawking my macarons at the Farmer’s Market

The "Hungry" Hubby and I got up at 5am this morning. I had some cupcakes to frost and glaze plus we had to pack the macarons in little polka-dot packs of three. HH started snapping pictures of me piping cream cheese frosting on the cupcakes even as I sternly warned him not to include me in the picture  because I was wearing the dreaded hair-net (mental-note to ask my hair-stylist about better head gear for kitchen work).

We were 15 minutes behind our target schedule but traffic was so light we still got to the Farmer’s market with plenty of time to unload. We were first assigned a corner booth:


But I got tired of shifting the cupcake boxes because of the sun shining on them that we decided to move. The macarons were fine because most of them were in the cooler.

Our next booth was in total shade. The problem was we did not have an opportunity to hang the banner.


As all of you can see in the picture, the market was sparsely attended. HH and I were afraid we would end up with a ton of macarons leftover. But the Richmond blogging community (bloggers and readers) came through for me! I was able to sell almost 70% of my goodies – I thought that was pretty good considering the light traffic through the market.


I was glad to meet all of you and would love to hear feedback and suggestions about the macarons.

Plus I finally met Rva Foodie, his lovely wife Karen and cute little Jasper.

I had a fantastic time hawking these little bites! For our first time at the market, the HH and I did not do too bad at all in terms of preparation. What we would need in the future is a little table to set our things on and extra fabric we could use to block out the sun – we might not be so lucky next time to get a stall in the shade when the Market gets busy in May.

Again my thanks to all who were able to make it the 17th street Farmer’s Market.

Let me leave you a picture of the MAC-Mobile.


30 thoughts on “Hawking my macarons at the Farmer’s Market

  1. That's really so cool to see, I'd love to do something like that…! Glad to hear it went pretty well, all things considered. πŸ™‚

  2. Great to see you doing that and also have time to drop by our blog! Both class went on well this weekend, students had fun. I am also planning to do one store at our flea market near my place and u gave us so much of inspiration!

  3. Hi Lydia – yes the lady in charge of the market said that it was still early in the season. Usually May is when they pack them.
    Thanks Hannah – The hubby and I had a blast!
    Thanks Michelle – you should try it. I've waited all winter to sell my macarons at the FArmer's market and finally, I did!
    Thanks Tanna – I love my apron and christening my car the Mac-mobile.
    Hi T.W.- I'm looking forward for the increase in traffic . I hope May is the big month for me.
    Hi Big Boy – so glad that you are doing the flea market. I had fun offering samples of my Macs.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! I just started selling my artwork at fairs too, so I know it can be hard to put yourself out there. Much luck in the future!!! I am so happy for you. Wish I could have bought some!

  5. Your macarons are a revelation. They're occupying the Godiva chocolate position in my household's treat hierarchy. I hope you liked the write up I did about meeting you and tasting my first macaron. It's certainly generating some hits for me. Keep the faith.

  6. Don't forget that it's still very early in the season. Other farmers markets aren't even open yet. Once the growers start coming in, the foot traffic will increase.
    sixth year vending at 17th St

  7. Wow. The food nazis up my way don't allow this sort of thing at all. I'd have to prepare my warez in a certified kitchen else I'd be hauled away by the food-gustapos.


  8. Thanks Cakespy – goodluck with selling your artwork, I'm sure you'll do fantastic because they are sooo cute! Hilarious post on the macaron and madeleine too!
    Thanks Aran – I do love the cake stands and ofcourse you know my addiction to them!
    Thanks Cynthia!
    Thanks Rva foodie – I was thrilled to meet you, Karen and Jasper. Your post on the encounter was very entertaining.
    Thanks Mary- that's what L the coordinator told me. See you there!
    Hi Peabody – Yes, it was better than I expected. The blogging community was a great boost.
    Hi Jef – My kitchen was inspected before I can bake anything for sale. The inspector was actually very helpful in instructing you what to do and what not to do to adhere to food safety guidelines. You cannot sell baked goods at the Farmer's market without the VDACS inspection report.
    Hi Melanie – I hope to be there on most Saturdays and will post the schedule on this blog and the business site.

  9. Congratulations!! I'll bet you'll be selling out in no time as you build up a clientele and have more walk-through business. I know that the traffic at my local farmers' market at this time of year is a fraction of what it is in the warmer months.

    I only wish I was closer to Richmond and could buy my own box of macarons!

  10. I wish you were at my farmer's market here in Massachusetts!
    Congrats at doing your first show! I've been doing craft shows for 24 years so I know how much work setting up can be! I'm sure you will be selling out in no time once people taste your treats… we can almost taste them just by looking at them!

  11. Congrtulations on your first Farmers Market success! That is so cool.
    A friend who has been doing Farmer's markets for a long time always brings a large umbrells for shade. EZ-up tents are great, too. Wish I were in Richmond to visit with you.

  12. I am so damn jealous that I don't live in Richmond or anywhere near it.. or even Virginia right now!!! I would have loved to have been there. 😦

    I am so thrilled for you – you had an excellent day! πŸ˜€

    Love you, Sis!

  13. Sorry to "stale post" but I was just trying to improve my macaron-making skills, and was caught up in your spanish marcona almond post….when I realized…YOU ARE IN RICHMOND.

    Are you returning to the farmer's market? Because if you do, I am SOooo there!

    I've been somewhat obsessed with macarons for about a year or so, and while I can make them well fairly consistently I have wished so hard for them to appear in town.

    I also have noticed the sucre suit ones can be "shell-y", at times. It's been awhile since I used that method. However, I was able to get thin shells and nice interior in some batches. I can't remember but it might have been using a mixed method of caster sugar and sucre suit. Or variance in the macaronage.

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