Richmond Magazine’s 50 Fantastic Food Finds

In their May issue, Richmond Magazine has assembled a list of little-known food treats that they thought should get more exposure. I am very tickled that my macarons made the list! And their photographer took such a great picture of my sweet litte bites.


photos by steve hedberg

Oh, the top left picture happens to be a favorite – roast-duck noodle soup from the only authentic (hate using that word but in this case it is appropriate) Chinese Restaurant in Richmond, Full Kee. And I’m happy to see Chef Nate of Louisiana Flair 's hot sauce make the cut too!

Okay,  I’m a wus! It looks like it might rain this weekend so I will not be at the Farmer's Market . And next weekend is shot too because my brother and his family are in town and we’re having a kebob party and I’m afraid of making macarons because they might get thrown on the grill by mistake ! 😉

I'm planning to do a post on how to make and eat Persian kebabs – specifically the barg and kubideh. So watch out for some mouthwathering skewered fare!

29 thoughts on “Richmond Magazine’s 50 Fantastic Food Finds

  1. Great picture of those "little macs." I need to pick up a copy of that issue. No chance that they selected my "grilled ramen" invention? Congrats, Veron.

  2. I am sure you were asked this a million times, but do you use the french or italian method?
    Oh and I'm gonna add your blog to my Favs on my blog, if that's ok with you 🙂

  3. Thanks Sarah, Peabody!
    Thanks Rva foodie! Are you serious about the grilled ramen?!
    Thanks Kalyn! I love kubideh…I'm lucky the hubby has mastered putting them on the skewers and grilling them.
    Thanks Lydia!
    Thanks KJ! I am excited about the kebob post – it's long overdue really since this is the specialty of the house so to speak.
    Hi Bakerette – I use French Meringue. I'd love to be added to your Favs. 🙂

  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I am SO PROUD of you, Sis!! First Richmond.. and then North America.. one day, THE WORLD will know of your macarons and other goodies!

    Love you!

  5. Thanks Aran, Patricia!
    Thanks Sis! I don't know about the world…but I'd be happy with a slice of North America ;D.
    Thanks Sketchy!
    Thanks Deborah – I've been quite lucky after I launched in February… the exposure all started because I have a food blog and one thing led to another.
    Thanks Mary – I was so excited when I saw the new issue come out and snuck off from work to buy a couple of them from a grocery store.
    Thanks Helen – you and lisa have the same idea about macaron world domination.
    thanks Hannah!
    Thanks Tanna – I really am pleased with the magazine's photographer!

  6. I am totally bummed you won't be at the Farmer's Market next week because I was hoping to catch you there- I am heading up to check out the new Penzey's Spices! Congrats on the recognition- you will probably be super busy now! You should plan a day trip one Saturday to the Williamsburg Farmer's Market-it is very well attended!

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