Heart attack in a bottle


Why are the best-tasting food bad for your health? I think I consider that the biggest injustice a foodie faces. The solution is not really avoidance but moderation, right?

Anyway, my brother is in town with his family – visiting from the Philippines. Catching up on news includes talking about food and reminiscing midnight sojourns into the kitchen or those morning breakfasts of dried fish and crab fat. Yes, crab fat.

And guess what? I’ve got a couple of bottles in the pantry.

Suffice to say, you do not want to have it for breakfast everyday but have to have it as occassional indulgence – pure heaven in a bottle!

Taba ng Talanka

(crab fat)

4 oz. crab fat

1/2 onion diced

juice of 1/2 a lime ( or according to taste)

olive oil

Saute onion in enough olive oil. Add the crab fat. When it is heated through, add the lime. Serve over hot rice.



Crab fat is available in most Asian grocery stores but if you can find the Navarro’s brand , it is considered the best.

20 thoughts on “Heart attack in a bottle

  1. Never had it, but I am all for fat of any kind. Since I love cooking hashbrowns in chicken or duck fat, I would love to try it with crab fat!

  2. Well, you've got me on this one — never heard of it and now will have to search for it at the Asian supermarket. I think I like the translation "crab paste" better than "crab fat"! Sounds, somehow, healthier?!

  3. This is something I've never heard of before, but you are right – the tastiest things are usually the worst for you. It's not fair!!

  4. yes, you are right! but maybe is life's way of teaching us balance… we can have a little but too much, right? It tastes better that way anyway, when you are left wanting more!

    Veron, I have never heard of crab fat!! Sounds very intriguing to me. I'd love to go over to your house and taste this dish, sounds too good!!!

  5. Oh Veron! I love taba ng talangka! This is so gooood 🙂 It is as delicious as it is bad for you…hehehe 😉 Sautee some prawns/shrimps in it…decadent!

  6. Yes, I think crab paste sounds better.
    Why does Peabody have to suggest hash browns with this . . . that would be good wouldn't it? The things I would never have missed without blogging, sigh.

  7. I've read about crab fat but have never tried it. But it does look like it would be a great breakfast. Thanks for suggesting the brand, I'll have to look for that now.

  8. You are going to laugh but I passed the jars of crab fat at the Asian grocer the other day thinking that I would not know what to do with it and then you post this! Genius! Thanks! I hope you are enjoying your visit with your brother.

  9. I am not kidding, this may sound gross but I literally felt my mouth moistened as I read: Saute onion in enough olive oil. Add the crab fat. When it is heated through, add the lime. Serve over hot rice.

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