Sold out!


photo by Mark Perez

It was a good day at the Farmer's Market! The macarons sold out before noon today. Which was a blessing because after days of 70 F weather, the mercury decided to stay in the high 50's with a pretty chilly breeze (and gusts) at times – the sun playing peek-a-boo with the clouds until it decided to stay hidden for an extended period . In short – it was pretty darn cold!

I was thrilled to finally meet food blogger Deborah Dowd of Play with food who came down from Newport News, VA with her family to spend the day in Richmond. Also, Karen , lovely spouse of Rva foodie of Caramelized OpiNIONS dropped by with baby Jasper and her mom to pick up a macaron order. Other foodies, who read about these "little bites" either on my blog or from the article in Richmond Magazine or Style Weekly, were also responsible for the macaron shortage. Thanks for all your support!!

I will not be at the Farmer's Market on May 17th but plan to be back on  May 24th and every Saturday onwards till the end of June. Any deviations to this schedule will be posted on the Petites Bouchees availability calendar.

Anyway, I think I need a 12-step program to curb my growing fetish for polka dots , especially in the brown and pink combinations as evidence in another polka-dot apron.


14 thoughts on “Sold out!

  1. Veron-
    I think you should sell the aprons, too! They are sooo cute! (I'm a great polka dot lover, too)…
    Congrats on selling out!

  2. I am glad the business is going well. We are preparing to do the macarons for my wedding in June! I Hope they turn out!

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