28 thoughts on “A feast of kababs!

  1. Your kebabs look as good as anything I've had in a restaurant or at a street fair (my favorite place to get them — something about the aroma filling the air that just draws you in) — no wonder they were eaten too quickly to take photographs! And what better compliment than that?!

  2. This looks wonderful. As soon as we get a real grill my husband is going to be on kebab duty! Thanks for the great recipes and instructions.

  3. My mouth is watering! Your kebabs look fantastic! And you guys make such a good team πŸ™‚

    C and I also will drive a ways off to get what we're craving for πŸ™‚

  4. Hi There

    I just stumbled upon your blog and think it is an excellent read for foodies and especially like the photos and design of the blog.I started off as a blogger myself and realise the importance of a good clean design like you have here. I have now bookmarked it for myself to read and have added you to our new list of "all the food blogs in the world" on http://www.ifoods.tv which we have been compiling for the last month! Hopefully it will send you some traffic in the long run. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on food so keep up the good work and talk soon. Cheers

  5. Thanks Aran! that's all we ever do in the summer is grill.
    Thanks Lydia! I love street fair kebabs. They always taste the best.
    Thanks Lynn, yes, husbands seem to know their way around the grill.
    Thanks Joey. "Hungry" hubby and I just love food so much.Cooking for each other is fun.
    T.W. – Just let us know when you'll be over and we'll marinate the kebobs :).
    Thanks Deborah!
    Thanks Niall for your wonderful comments and for adding me to your website.

  6. Both your versions look just delicious! I love this type of food and would love to try making these, thanks for the book recommendation and bookmarking this post too!

  7. Those sword-skewers are awesome! They may be too big for my little grill though. I may have to tweak this to fit on smaller skewers. The kebabs look so amazing!

  8. Yum – kabobs! I love grilling season and your demonstration is hilarious πŸ™‚ Nicely done.

    Oh yea, we're also having a contest on our blog where you could win a package from Lou Malnati's. Check it out!

  9. Kalyn and Tanna – you will not regret getting this book. I have made several Persian dishes from this and according to our Persian friends and family it is pretty close to the real thing.
    Marvin – I think they sell little skewers too. Really cute actually.
    Thanks Hillary, big boy's oven and Amy!

  10. I knew about HH and the foil but the plastic wrap on the whole counter space?!!! That just about made me snort my coffee!
    I love the kebabs..I want to have that when I come visit πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks WhiteOnRiceCouple – HH is in his element when he makes kebabs.
    Helen! HH's OCDness knows no bounds in the kitchen. We are definitely going to make kebabs when you visit. We need to set a date!

  12. OK…coming to my own defense. If I can help reduce near future scrubbing and extra cleaning, I'll either foil or saran-wrap!! I like to clean and wash and put things away as I go….I'll try avoiding having to come back to a big pile of dishes later!! However, I've gotten a lot better after we got married!

  13. This looks identical to the real thing-Way to go creating a traditional persian dish as authentically and deliciously looking! The tah-dig came out perfect. You can add some minced garlic to the Mast-o-Khiar too-it gives a nice touch.

    I purchased the same cookbook and have found it to be a bit different than the traditional Iranian food that I was raised with, but also found dishes, I had never tried before. I highly reocmmend the Peach Khorresh-it's so delicius and very easy to make.

    By the way, I sell the skewers on my website. You might not see them listed, they are on special order and very affordable. Send me a note if you would like to purhase some.

  14. I'm adding this book to my wishlist, too! I just reorganized all of my cookbooks, but now am again running out of space!
    These look great! Wish I was close enough to drop by for dinner πŸ˜‰
    Will have to try them next time I grill… its' finally getting warmer here (Boston).

  15. Veronica, I made your ground meat kabobs and they were a great hit! I didn't have your Sword type skewers so I just formed into long thin patties and it still worked great!

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