Pierre Herme miniature winners…plus…what to do with an ostrich egg


The winners of the adorable Pierre Herme miniatures are Rachel and Jen! I will email you shortly for the information I need to send your prize along its way! Congratulations!

So, I stopped by the brand spanking new Whole Foods Market in the Short Pump area…and it was a mad house – parking lot was full and cars keep rolling in. Anyway , I spent almost two hours in there…very interesting…but the verdict is still out since they obviously have kinks to work out… for example their baggers need more training and learn not to put strawberries on top of (raw) chicken. One notable one is their egg by the piece option. The trays they had at the counter do not fit the extra-large eggs and I'm not talking about this one :


Anyway I saw this dinosaur ostrich egg in the pick-an-egg section and thought I got transported to Jurassic Park. I still have to figure out what to do with it. I wonder how many macarons this could make…just kidding :). I'd probably make some fancy fritata with it.

Any other suggestions?

22 thoughts on “Pierre Herme miniature winners…plus…what to do with an ostrich egg

  1. I've been wanting to head out to WF but I'm waiting for the crowds to die down. Did you peek at the baked goods section? Your macarons are certainly head and shoulders above anything you could get at WF bakery 🙂

  2. Aw man, how I pined after those cute miniatures… Ah well, congrats to the winners, and thank you Veronica for offering up this nice little prize in the first place. 🙂

  3. I love that you have miniature desserts and then a GIANT EGG. I didn't even know those were sold.. ever. It would be hilarious if you could hard boil it.

  4. Thanks all for all the suggestions…I think ice cream might be a good idea.
    Bunny – I have been hovering around the baked goods section….so many goodies. But the bread seemed stale when we brought it home :(. The tarts also had soggy crusts…will try again.
    Lydia – 1 ostrich eggs = 20 chicken eggs.
    Ted – I was informed of that fact. Will probably use a drillbit :).
    T.W. – Now that will be a sight!

  5. We made the trek today and all I can say is I froze my buns off! Had to walk outside 3 times in order to warm up. Bought the chocolate patty cake–looked delicious but the cake itself was tasteless 😦 Bring a parka if you plan on going!

  6. Helen – another great idea!Vat of creme anglais…ha..haa!
    Bunny – I did forget to say that it was freezing in there! I wonder why they keep so doggone cold!

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