Dude, Where’s my Car?!


Friday night libations down at Shockoe Bottom do not always bode well for one’s car.

This morning as we set up at the Farmer’s market, a policeman was directing a tow truck to pull out 2 Infiniti FX35. Poor cars, I winced as the truck’s cable strained to pull them up onto the flat bed.

I’m pretty sure when the errant owners come back to look for their cars they might wonder “Dude, where’s my car?!”


Below, getting my little macarons ready for the market.





11 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s my Car?!

  1. wow – free macarons. How did it go Veron? Was there a stampede as people rushed to get their free sample? 😉 If I was there, I would have a few disguises on just so I can try a few flavours…tee-hee-heee…. :-)))

  2. Apparently getting towed away is their reward for not driving home drunk. God knows those spaces are so vital on a Sunday morning :/

  3. All – it went as well as it could, given the circumstances. As expected there were showers and that kept people away for about an hour. But after a while people started trickling in – there were actually two blog readers who came in with the coupons :), others just said they read about it. I had fun doing the free tastings and getting feedback regarding the new flavors. It appears passionfruit milk chocolate is the hands down winner. Oh and the humidity killed my cream cheese buttercream as it was making the shells soggy. 😦
    Bluefoot – I agree, it's a shame that people who are responsible enough not to drive when intoxicated are being punished by having their cars towed. But I think that area needs to be cleared at 8 or 9 am to make room for the farmer's market. So if the owners can come back down before then it would be fine.

  4. Auh, that was sad for the car owners. I think that it’s important to know the “do’s and dont’s” in one’s place, especially when it comes to parking. Law enforcers are really doing their job, and if you get caught, you’ll be doomed! The feeling of losing a car is probably like fainting, so better watch out. =|

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