I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday


It’s going to be gorgeous weather this weekend! I know there are going to be a lot of activities around town but maybe a stop by my booth at the 17th street Farmer’s market could be one of them. 🙂

The flavors for this weekend are:

  • chocolate (coffee buttercream)

  • vanilla(vanilla buttercream)

  • hazelnut (salted butter caramel)

  • raspberry ganache

  • passion fruit milk chocolate

Finally, was able to take a decent picture of the new flavors (above) although the cream cheese butter cream is in danger of being axed from the line-up. Talk about misbehaving badly. Hmph!

I am not going to be at the Farmer’s Market the following Saturday , October 11.

9 thoughts on “I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday

  1. Wow, very nice looking macarons Veron! I wish I could come this Saturday, best of luck with the business. Hope to see you again soon…

  2. They look wonderful and I can't wait to try a few—especially the passion fruit milk chocolate! I look forward to finding your stand in the Bottom on Saturday morning….

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