Petites Bouchees Reloaded … (plus a book giveaway)

A couple of months ago, during a foodie potluck to celebrate Piet’s awesome grill, I got to know fellow Daring Baker, Sketchy of Sketchy’s Kitchen and his wife Jen. They asked me how the business was going and I said I was looking for a web-designer who could overhaul my site and make it ecommerce-enabled.

It turns out Jen has just started her own web-design business, Jennifer Brown Design! Talk about coincidence! Their company’s aim is to help small companies establish a web presence. Jen does a lot of the front-end stuff/content and Sketchy takes care of the backend like the database and the online store setups, but both can backup each other. What a team, huh!

We agreed to touch base the following week.

 After the initial meeting, Jen sent me a couple of designs. I immediately fell in love with them and it was hard to pick just one. Anyway, I settled on a design, picking elements from one and styles from another. What followed were a contract, project commencement and development until finally it went live this weekend!

The original logo concepts are designed by the talented Ximena Maier of Lobstersquad.  Jen deftly integrated them into the website and even created the front of a cute little store with the logo.

So go visit my virtual patisserie already! There are some links and content that still need to be added but the store is open for business! And don’t forget to check out the new version of “How to eat a Macaron.”

But come back here because I have a book to give away.



Well, what do you all think?

To celebrate the website’s launch, I am giving away a copy of “Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé.”

All you have to do is to leave a comment between now and October 12, that you would like to join in the giveaway.

My thanks goes to Jen and Sketchy for designing my website that has captured my personality so well down to the pink polka dots!

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