The Cupcake Diet…

…is what happens when nothing else comes out of the oven except baked sweets.


Above , some cupcakes I sent out on their merry way. The official photographer (Hungry Hubby) was not around , so I took the picture myself.

Anyway, here was how my diet went today:

breakfast : Chocolate cupcake

lunch : Red velvet cupcake

early dinner : Raspberries and cream cupcake

All that sugar, I guess, made me hungrier so I begged HH for some real food at dinner.

I guess man cannot subsist on cupcake alone, but at least I tried :).

27 thoughts on “The Cupcake Diet…

  1. Ah yes, this is one that I know…! Surprisingly, it does become effective when you're so overloaded from sugar that you're craving nothing but green salads for days. 😉

  2. LOL, gosh I've been on a similar "diet" for quite a while now. And being able to make macarons now has made me switch between "diet plans". 😀 not good.

  3. he he…had another chocolate cupcake for breakfast this morning. FFichiban might be right – maybe 3 servings per meal should do it. Nikki – I'm having macarons as a snack right now.

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