My Macarons and Me on the RTD

            The Richmond Times Dispatch is Central Virginia’s major newspaper. In today’s food section there is an article about Christmas cookies and the stories behind them. The food editor, Bill Lohmann, asked me to give some tips about making the perfect cookie. I was also very flattered when he called my macarons

            “ …the best cookies anywhere. Her Parisian style macarons, at once light and filling, rich and flavorful, deserve to be called something more than cookies.”

                 Thanks RTD!!!



22 thoughts on “My Macarons and Me on the RTD

  1. Thanks Everyone!!! I was really thrilled to be in their cookie article. I had fun setting up those macarons for the pic too even if they kept on wobbling! 🙂

  2. Inspiration to us all! I can’t seem to read those tips in the article, and I need help badly! New reader to your site, and its great. Hope life doesn’t get too busy for you to keep posting your thoughts. cheers -TP

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