Getting Married? Gotta read this…

Petites Bouchees will be at the Richmond Bridal Show on January 11, 2009 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The "Hungry" Hubby and I are very excited about this. We never thought about participating in an event such as this until one of our friends suggested it. Now I am on a race to get setup for it. I plan on presenting a cupcake wedding cake and presenting macarons as favors or for a dessert buffet.

It’s less than three weeks away…Gah!

What does this mean? I need to do a deeper study in cupcakeology. Talk about cramming for an exam! I’ve been combing the web for nice cupcake decorations etc. I plan to be handing out samples in mini-cupcake form.

I am looking for an elegant cupcake tree. Please, if anyone knows of one please let me know! Ofcourse, I am attempting to build one myself. I got one of these cardboard cupcake trees and I think I can decorate it with ribbons and nice craft paper.

My photographer friend will also be at the bridal show. I think they are one of the best around town. Check out their portfolio at Quarterman Photography. They are teaming up with an awesome videographer, United Wedding …I am so impressed with the quality and artistic touch of the videos I have seen from this site.

In other news…

Because of the anticipated slowdown in business during the winter months, Petites Bouchees will be scaling back its operations. I will be suspending the online store for now and will be accepting very limited orders for delivery and maybe shipping once a month. I would like to take this time to rethink my business model. I might switch to just delivery and shipping – expanding free deliveries to some parts of the Richmond area. This past year has been great and had been a tremendous learning experience! I have more macaron and cupcake experiments to undertake too, not only with recipes but also the production process. More on that later…

I am done with my Holiday baking! Here are some pictures from this past weekend.

A baker’s rack is a macaroner’s best friend. Otherwise where will you find all the counter space?


And the red mac filling line:


And the green mac filling line:


And the holidays will never be complete without some cupcakes!


Have a Merry Christmas and may it be filled with sweetness!!!

20 thoughts on “Getting Married? Gotta read this…

  1. Wow do those look beautiful!

    When you make so many macarons, do you just increase the batter in a single batch or do you make lots of little batches? I'm thinking it must be the former as your colouring is so consistent but it must be difficult to stir it in just right!

  2. Perhaps instead of craft paper, you could use wallpaper? I remember using wallpaper for a school project once, you can get really elegant off-white on white patterns that are really subtle, and frosting spills wipe right up without staining (like they do on paper).

    Good luck on your showcase! Your macaroons look amazing and I'm sure they'll be a huge hit.

  3. Jillian – brilliant idea!!! Why did I not think of wall paper! Thanks!
    Sylvia – My batter recipe can make up to 60 shells at a time. One because it can get so stiff I cannot mix them if it gets more than that. The important thing is to weigh everything including the coloring. I have a little measuring gadget that weighs up to .1 gram at a time.

  4. Lisa! It was a pleasure to meet you and I am so happy you liked the macarons. Oh my God , 1216 cupcakes , i would have loved to be a buffalo volunteer too!

  5. Good luck at the bridal show, veron. I'm sure you will pick up lots of business there as macarons for party favors are a great idea. Happy Holidays!

  6. That should be such an awesome show. I wish I could attend, but alas, I don't live in the area, and I'm certainly no bride to be! Anyways, I'm sure it will go wonderfully but best of luck all the same!

  7. Happy Holidays, Veron! I'm trying, desperately, to find time to bake! Have been too busy with work…
    I have an idea for your cupcake tree, although it may not be cheap. If you have Homegoods there (or TJ Maxx with the home section), they've had numerous tiered candle holders and cake stands that are metal with crystals and beaded ropes hanging. I saw one that had cupcake sized round platforms for holding candles. Would have gotten it for you but it was $69. I would think that after the holidays there will be markdowns on these. They would certainly have the formal and bridal look you want! You could also make something with the same look.

  8. Happy Holidays to you too, Robin! Thanks for all the tips about the cupcake stand! I'll take a look at those when I get a chance to go to the stores.

  9. Hi Veronica,
    I was just clicking trough your archives to find a certain post for a friend who recently fell in love with macarons and have to say yours look so beautiful. Keep up the great work!

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