A Rose by any other Name …


If you all are tired of cupcakes on this blog, look away now. I’m really sorry about this and clearly it’s becoming uncontrollable and I may need a 12-step program for my cupcake obsession but I just had to share with you all these cupcakes I made for the Superbowl party yesterday. I figured with all the elevated testosterone levels from the game, the atmosphere needed a touch of the feminine to balance it out.



I was so tickled that these floral-themed cupcakes were well received, not only on how they looked but how they tasted. At first, the guests just stared at it not wanting to disrupt the carefully positioned little blossoms. Finally, I said “Come on and eat them already!”

A couple of years ago I took a test that would reveal whether I was right-brained (artistic) or left-brained (logical). Guess what? I was split right down the middle, leaning just a bit to the left. I was disappointed. Did that mean I was going to be mediocre in intelligence and artistic skills?  No. As long as I can accept that I can never be an Einstein or a natural artist, I can pretty much do whatever I want – it might just take a little more effort.


I always loved playing with colors. I have studied it over the years when I thought I wanted to be a venetian plasterer. I took several classes, including color theory, from Buon Fresco– a school of high-end decorative art, where I realized how important it was to understand the components of color such as hue, value and intensity to achieve proper balance. For example, blue is a visually heavier color than yellow and it would take a large amount of yellow to balance the blue. Or you can use a deep yellow with a light blue. Have you all ever wondered about the LRF (light reflecting value) of a fan deck you get from a paint store? A higher value means it is lighter and a lower value means it is darker. Pastel colors are also very hard to match as they are considered very clean. To make it more complex you can add their complement to them. For example, if a color appears too orange…add a touch of blue to tone it down. I can go on and on but I find that experimenting is the best teacher!

Like the cupcake bouquet, this is still a work-in-progress for the designer line of cupcakes that I will be offering soon at Petites Bouchees. I’m struggling with how to price them because they do take time to make especially the roses. I played with the pinks and browns first, as they are my favorite combination…I added the purple gilded rose simply because I was playing with a new color paste and found that it blended well with the whole set. I did add too much yellow to my buttercream which kind of washed out the little yellow blossoms but I did not have enough time to fix it – my intent was to have it as a very light yellow-cream color.

For some reason, the lighting cast a sepia glow over the pictures…and I left it mostly alone since I do think it gives a kind of vintage effect to this sweet little ensemble.




35 thoughts on “A Rose by any other Name …

  1. very pretty roses, Veron! I can totally understand your guests hesistant to disrupt the beautiful arrangement. Looking at the roses reminds me that I have a week of gumpaste flowers ahead of me. Arrgh….

  2. You are so amazing!! Those cupcakes look gorgeous!! They are super adorable, way too pretty for a chip and hot wing filled superbowl party!!

  3. Well you already know how I feel about the flowers and the cupakes, so now I'm going to gush over the stand.. where did you get it? It's gorgeous!!

    Love you!

  4. beautiful as usual! how do u manage to get ur cupcake cases to stay uprigh like that? mine tend to rise forming the v-like cupcake shapes because of the muffin pan mold.. do u use a diff kind? tor r ur cupcake cases just a different kind?

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