A Cupcake Wedding Cake


I get asked a lot “What do you mean you make cupcake wedding cakes?” Somehow some folks can’t visualize a wedding cake made of miniature cakes and I didn’t want to point them to some photos on the internet either, so I decided to start my own portfolio. I’ve had success creating a cupcake stand from cake boards for the bridal show, but I wanted to offer a variety of displays that can showcase different styles of cupcakes.

The picture above doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous stand made by Bob Calabrese- the lovely scrolls at the bottom were cut off since we did not have enough room for the entire picture. A craftsman that takes pride in his work, Bob was a joy to work with. I’ll be sure to order more stands from him, maybe a round one next time.

I have been looking for a silk flower cake topper for quite some time but was hugely disappointed by the cheap looking ones I saw in some stores and online. Finally, I thought why not try Etsy- where serious artists sell their crafts? There I found Marie of Emici Bridal and I described to her what I wanted – a bouquet of pink peonies. Isn’t it lovely? I love the way she adorned the center with pearls.


At first I was going to go with a pink and purple theme. But I drew inspiration from the color of this teal favor box.


Cute…huh…almost like a Tifanny blue. Ack…I forgot to tie a ribbon to the box but you all get the picture right?

Since I was going to give away the cupcakes, I decided to create three flavors. It helped that there was a unifying blue theme. Darker colors sink which is why I put the red velvet and the chocolate cupcakes towards the bottom.



 I also wanted to use my favorite strawberry buttercream which is what I used for the second tier.


And the rest of the tiers were adorned with vanilla cupcakes with rum-vanilla buttercream and my favorite rose accents.


and more…


As I’ve mentioned, I reached out to several Richmond foodies to take these cupcakes off my hands. My thanks to the following – in order of appearance:


K. a blog reader whose daughter I am creating a cupcake wedding cake for…

Sketchy’s Kitchen who also graciously picked up a dozen for

Bookstore Piet


Invino of WhinemeDineme

It also helped that my sister-in-law was having us over for dinner together with other couples so I brought another two dozen over to her place.

Here are other favorite shots from the photo shoot:


and this:


My thanks to the “Hungry” Hubby for setting up and taking these lovely photos! We are indeed a team!

55 thoughts on “A Cupcake Wedding Cake

  1. Lacy cupcake liners are from Paper Orchid.
    The cake stand is designed by Robert Edward Woodworking robertedwardwoodworking dot com , his email is rcalab0155 At optonline dot net

  2. Can you tell me how to contact Bob Calabrese? the stand is exactly what Im looking for. Thank you so much I look forward to hearing from you. You do an amazing job on all your work!

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