Playing with Fondant Inlays


I was not going to post about this but I spent more time on it than I wanted to last night so darn it it deserves a place on this blog ;). Anyway, I was supposed to be making lemon curd from a batch of meyer lemons I got from Whole Foods but I spied my sugar-art tools sitting on the the countertop and before I knew it I started mixing colors to attempt something I've failed on twice before.

The first time I tried this, I didn't think it was going to work and used some scraps of fondant - awful color- and realized it was doable. The second time, I chose the wrong sized cutters and it looked uugly!

I think for this third atttempt it looked pretty decent. It's supposed to be inlaid on top of the cutting cake not just laid on top like I did for this picture. I used my point and shoot camera since my official photographer is at his day job this morning so the perspective is kind of skewed.

Anyway I better get going on that lemon curd or my guests won't be having any tarts for dessert!


14 thoughts on “Playing with Fondant Inlays

  1. Thanks Monica!
    Thanks snookydoodle!It does look like mosaic doesn't it?
    Thanks Maria!
    Thanks Dani!
    Thanks Duncan! I've seen this technique done by talented Australian cake designers actually.
    Thanks Lydia! I believe this is simple enough if you have the patience!
    Thanks Tanna! The lemon curd tastes delicious…I nearly curdled it though.
    Thanks T.W.!

  2. Nicely done! I don't think I would have had the patience to make that, let alone 3 attempts. On the lemon curd, I nearly did the opposite, under cooked it last time. It just barely set. Todd.

  3. I for one am delighted you "went with it" One needs to stop and play every now again to refresh the mind. Amazing talent and patience are not my virtues. However, they are definitely yours!

    Thanks for sharing Veronica…

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