I wanna go home (for Peking duck)


Photo Credit: guides.clickthecity.com

Was I-em-ming with my brother who lives in the Philippines and he was telling me about this restaurant called FU that he had gone to recently. No one gets Peking Duck really right in Richmond, Va - not even Full-Kee…

And suckling pig sushi…please kill me now…


Photo Credit: guides.clickthecity.com

To read the rest of this droolworthy feast go here.  My brother did say on my next visit to the Philippines we are going straight to FU.  Folks in Manila…you are so lucky…

12 thoughts on “I wanna go home (for Peking duck)

  1. Eugenio – that is pork in the roll I think…probably the meaty part.
    Sadler – Yes…I kind of felt like my brother was torturing me when he was telling me about the restaurant.

  2. Ever tried Inter China restaurant in Midlothian?

    I used to live in Richmond and ate there all the time, fell in love with Peking Duck at that very restaurant!

    It has been years since I have been so I am not sure if they are even still there.

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