LFM: More adventures in Richmond’s Little Chinatown


*Roast Pig with crispy skin-  picture above taken with a camera phone - darn thing can't focus!

I've been a frequent visitor to Full Kee lately having had a recently awakened appetite for authentic Chinese food. Not sure when this started…Chinese New Year maybe? Or it may have been my brother's fault for constantly raving about all the tasty places he had been to lately.

 Anyway, in the past week alone, I've dined there twice. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Hong Kong Style noodle soup with roast duck - You can request this with vegetables which adds tremendous flavor to the broth. I would also remember to request breast meat always as the leg can be too tricky to eat in a soup.

2. Roast pork – they make a pretty good char-siu- not to be confused with roast pig.

3. Roast pig with crispy skin - ooh-lala , my heart was singing as I was crunching down on this heavenly dish of porcine goodness. Definitely a must-try if you are not averse to pork fat.

4. Dim sum goodies - luv..luv their tofu skin rolls, shrimp balls and spare rib with tao-si.

Today I ventured into their menu that said "Delicacies" which featured selections such as pig's feet and jelly fish. I couldn't make up my mind so I ordered :

5. Marinated assortment – Oh Yum! I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was the same dish that my grandma used to make – soy sauce marinated pig tongue and intestines. I realize it may sound gross to some but I was thrilled to find this long lost flavor from my childhood.

And for dessert:

6. Dahn tahts – melt in your mouth custards

7. Sweet tofu - silken tofu nestled in a seductive sweet syrup. I had it for take out last weekend and it had been my breakfast and after-dinner sweets for several days…sooooo addictive.

Style weekly mentioned Full Kee's sweet sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I inquired about it and was disappointed to find out that it had meat in the middle which I've always disliked. I've always preferred this plain or with salted egg.

After lunch, I stopped by Tan -A supermarket to pick up a couple of things. One item (see below) I bought simply because I was curious as to why Pim said one would have to pry the tube out of her cold dead hands.


I also bought some frozen Unagi (they come already cooked)..thought instead of spending $14.00 each time on Unagi Don I will try to make it myself. Will let you all know how that turns out…

11 thoughts on “LFM: More adventures in Richmond’s Little Chinatown

  1. How did you like the Kewpie mayo? I tried it for the first time 3 weeks ago and it really is the last word on pre-made mayonnaise.

  2. Full Kee also has some great Cantonese-style fried noodles. I highly recommend:

    Beef with Chinese Broccoli on pan-fried noodles
    Dry Fried Beef and Chow Fun

  3. tim- I have not tried it on anything yet…but i had a quick taste of it and I like it.
    Jkang- both those dishes sound delicious! Thanks for the tip!

  4. hi there, is there a chinatown areas in Richmond, vA? will be visiting in a month.. wondering where to find good eats!

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