Petites Bouchees at Broad Appetit 2009!

I’ve had blogger's block before but this recent case is the worst of the lot. A girl can only have so much brain power and it doesn’t help if it is filled with thoughts of macarons and cupcakes – those sweets can take over the mind, especially since my legs turn to jello when faced with their utter cuteness. Anyway, before I forget I want to  announce that Petites Bouchees will be at this year’s Broad Appetit!



                There will be over 60 restaurants participating and some of them are my favorites too. The first Broad Appetit last year recorded 7500 attendees and the food actually ran out that the rain that day was a blessing.

                The event this year is on June 7, Sunday from noon to 5pm. Now I know 5 hours is precious little time to sample all 60 restaurants (I’m participating as a vendor), but please leave room for dessert for my cupcakes and macarons. Now is the chance to taste them without buying an entire dozen! (And Rvafoodie  just twitted me and said that macarons make "a pre-meal amuse bouche & a between dish palate cleanser")

 For those on twitter I will twit on @kitchenmusings for my location and whatever is happening that day…maybe one of you can bring us food too just in case we are fortunate to be swamped and cannot leave our booth ;).

16 thoughts on “Petites Bouchees at Broad Appetit 2009!

  1. Thanks everyone for all the good luck wishes! I do hope we can sell out.
    Mark – I was wishing you guys were here…could use the help ..he..he… and Maiel will look good in a pink and brown polka dot apron.

  2. I love to go to a tasting event. You are right about getting to taste, without having to buy to much. We always go to the “taste of the town”, but we never get around to all the great food before we get full.

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