The Martha Stewart’s Cupcake cookbook giveaway…

Yes, I have another giveaway. Too busy to cook/bake for the blog, but not too busy to blog ! J

But first, let me announce the winner of the cupcake wrappers – Joey of 80 breakfasts, Congratulations!

34. joey said…

Before anything — congratulations on your gorgeous cupcakes appearing in the wedding magazine! Well deserved indeed as they are truly fit for a beautiful bride 🙂

Secondly — Yay!!! I can finally join a contest! 🙂 So for the macarons, I would pick chocolate with espresso buttercream and hazelnut with salted caramel. For the cupcakes I would pick chocolate-chocolate glaze and vanilla with vanilla rum buttercream! Although of course, all sounds absolutely delicious!

I have not always been a fan of Martha Stewart. Especially after the very memorable Daring Baker Crepe Cake fiasco that is now known as the Crap Cake. But when I was researching packaging for my little Petites Bouchees business, I was very impressed with her style, colors, and the overall elegance of her products.

I have her Martha Stewart magazine issue where she featured cupcakes on the cover and I must say her recipes and pictures are indeed inspiring. There really is no secret recipe to cupcakes (sounds like Kung fu panda), but a cupcake allows you be as creative or as simple as you want it to be. And knowing the Martha, her new book will be chock full of her fantastic ideas.


So, I want you all to join in on the fun. I am giving away 2 copies of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes, because I want to whisk up some nostalgic joy these summer months!

All you have to do is leave a comment between now and June 12th and state what you would do to decorate or what you would like to have on a cupcake. It might be a simple swirl of buttercream, a dollop of whipped cream topped with a plump raspberry, it could be anything!

And yes, I’ll be shipping worldwide!



63 thoughts on “The Martha Stewart’s Cupcake cookbook giveaway…

  1. Veronica!!

    I had to stop by! I read a few weeks ago you were ditching the blog! BOO!! I wanted to write you and thank you for the beautiful cupcake wedding cake you made! It was completely perfect and everything I could ever want! Everyone at the wedding ate them so fast it made my head spin! Luckily mom saved a few for me to enjoy after and of course our cutting cake (well half) is resting safely and vaccum sealed in the freezer! Thank you again you are the B-E-S-T!

    I put up wedding pix on the blog so drop in and take a look!


  2. I was looking for a recipe for cupcake.I have never baked cupcakes before and I just found your blog.I love what I see!I’ll try your chocolate and fig preserve cupcakes today. I’ll also use the coconut vanilla custard as topping.When I was a little girl my mom used to bake cakes and use coconut vanilla custard as topping.I’ve never forgotten those memories of my mom.Wish me good luck!Thanks!

  3. i’m a fan red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and red heart sprinkles!!!! 🙂 i love it! the cream cheese frosting is a fluffly 🙂

    your giveaway great great great! because i need this book…

  4. dollops of butter cream frosting and edible flowers sounds just right for the moment

  5. I love butter cream icing swirled to perfection on a vanilla bean cupcake. Nothing else necessary.

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