Broad Appetit and the conflicted foodie

Someone as food obsessed as I am really shouldn’t be selling at a food festival.  Conflict of interest. Let me explain.

The festival was set to open to the public at noon. At 11:30 am I was fretting about missing out on Sensi’s offering of butter-poached lobster over lemon risotto rather than when to take out the macarons and cupcakes for display. I had the “Hungry” hubby go back twice to check since the first time he went the dish was not yet ready. Well, he was first in line and once Sensi started serving at NOON, he bought three of the pasta and 1 zabaione.  When he got back to our booth, he already consumed one plate and I proceeded to stuff my mouth with the other. Nice big claw too…and then customers started to show up.  Luckily, HH let me finish eating…but I wasn’t sure if I had a piece of tarragon stuck in my teeth as I smiled widely at the next customer.

Oh, and he managed to snap a picture of the Sensi booth while all we remembered to take of the Petites Bouchees tent was when it was devoid of any of our macarons and cupcakes.



Petites Bouchees


See what I mean…priorities were messed up.

But the good news is, I sold out of my macarons halfway through the festival and had one cupcake box left by closing time! The key time period was between 1-2pm just when everyone was looking for something sweet to follow the unbelievable onslaught of $3.00 plates.  My thanks to all bloggers, blog readers and all the Richmond folks that made a sweet stop at our tent, I truly appreciate the support! And to those who stopped by when I already ran out of macarons, I will make sure to have more next time. Maybe  device a way to reserve macarons via twitter eh?

Other notables:  I thought Café Rustica was going to be a no-show until I saw Chef Andy cruising down Broad Street at 11:00 am in his pickup truck (suppose to clear out cars and trucks by 11:30 am), stopping by Kuba Kuba’s  tent  asking “ Where’s my booth?” – rebel  ;).  Anyway, he managed to set up quickly in time to turn out his signature mediterranean short-stack (shrimp, scallop and crabmeat cakes).  We also traded desserts, some of my macarons for his griddled pound cake with strawberries .

How I wish I was able to try Acacia's fried sugar toads – I totally forgot! And the heat kind of put a damper on my appetite…but oh well maybe next year I can strategize better J.

Update: 06/09/2009

I seriously had so much fun, I keep on dreaming of opening a storefront…but I know what is like having grown up in the restaurant business. By the way, in a previous post where I asked about flavor combinations, that poll worked out pretty well. For macarons, I paired the chocolate -espresso buttercream with Hazelnut and salted caramel (big crowd favorite). And for the cupcakes I mixed more of the chocolate and carrot together and that seemed like a winner too. So thanks to all that participated!

20 thoughts on “Broad Appetit and the conflicted foodie

  1. My husband and I loved your macaroons! I only got one package just to try it since we've both never had it 'til yesterday. He had to go all the way back to your end since he wanted to get more. Needless to say, we're hooked!

  2. We loved the goodies we bought from you yesterday! Happy to hear we beat the crowd!

    Chef Andy's short stack was primo! As was Michael Hall from Bull and Bear's crab cake and bourbon bread pudding! Oh! And Louisiana Flair!

    Didn't love the sugar toads from Acacia…

  3. I think the heat put a damper on everyone's appetite. I didn't eat nearly as much as I had hoped, but I will say that I cherished that chocolate cupcake later that night (Aidan refused to share the vanilla one, and that's OK… he was there to have fun too).

    We couldn't eat at a lot of the booths due to Dave's shellfish allergy, but I did sign up for the tasting menu contest at Sensi. We ran into Hungry Hubby there, and we all agreed it's the best restaurant in the city!

  4. Hi Karissa – Glad you stopped by and came back for more. That was the story for the macarons. Folks tried one pack and then came back to buy some more.
    Thanks Liz – Yes, Chef Andy's short stack never fails to please. I've heard so much about the bourbon bread pudding.
    Hi Mrs. Sketchy – glad to see aidan enjoyed the vanilla cupcake and you the chocolate one. Yes, I was wondering why I wasn't that hungry after the lobster and risotto…I was waiting for my stomach to grumble for more food. It was the heat. Hubby said that he did enter the tasting menu contest at Sensi – wonder how many they will give away…

  5. I know exactly how you felt! When I had a table at Veg Fest, all I wanted to do was run around and try all the free samples and talk to the producers, but I had to stand around and sign books instead. What a bummer! They should provide an extra hour or two just for all of the contributers to mingle at events like this.

  6. That salted caramel macaron was so good I wanted to reach out and smack someone. Seriously, decadently, obsession-worthy delicious, Veronica! 🙂 Stopped by your booth and wanted to introduce myself, but you were swarmed and I didn't want to be a bother. I was the chick in purple/periwinkle & black w/large sunglasses and brown hair pulled back that walked up mid afternoon and asked, "Wow, this is all you have left?" Glad I stopped when I did! LOL.

  7. While I'm sure the booth with all the goodies looked gorgeous, really the empty booth is just as beautiful because YOU SOLD OUT!! That's glory!
    Gadfry I'm thinking of your feet … at least it's a happy tired.

  8. The sugar toads were delicious! My 4 year old loved them too. (anything fried is game for a 4 year old, however, mine actually has a soft spot for Dale and Aline's food always)

  9. Hi Hannah – yes, I think if they can provide ways for vendors to mingle…except most of them are setting up till the very last minute and at the end of the day tired and just wanna go home.
    Thanks Belinda – I do wish I did have more time to chat with everyone who stopped by…it was such a festive air. Glad you enjoyed the salted caramel!
    Oh Tanna – you have no idea…my toes were screaming. I had to wear sensible shoes that turned out not quite too sensible!
    Hi Eve – yes I do like Acacia's food..still sorry I missed the sugar toads.

  10. I too wish you had a store front so I could have access to your DELIGHTFUL macaroons more often. I've been reading your blog for a while, but hadn't had a chance to taste until Broad Appetit & they were by far better than I ever imagined. I'm so glad we hit you early. Who knew macaroons were so darn delicious -you are the definite reigning macaroon queen. All hail your gloriousness!! Now if you can let us know where we can get more of your wonderful creations. Do you still sell them at 17th st market on Saturdays? Maybe Ukrops or Elwood will start carrying them for you -that would be wonderful.

  11. Thanks Jes! I was not sure how people will receive the macarons since it is not common at all in Richmond. Flattered that your really liked them. Actually some pastry shops here in the US still call them macaroons.

  12. Oh and after I get a chance to relax after this wedding season, I'll see if I can find a shop that will carry my macarons although I like personally hawking them at the Farmer's market…:)

  13. Hi, I jumped on over from the "ReviewLady" (her photo was featured on TS when I was looking), and I am so entranced by your tasty creations! And I cannot believe that I missed Broad Appetit. Just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy reading your blog (I seriously just sat here paging through your entries– I just couldn't stop! Everything looked delicious 🙂 ). I'm no serious "foodie," but I do like my food!

  14. Well, since we've already chatted about this through email and I've told you how damn proud I am of you.. the only thing left to say in your comments is…

    WTF is a sugar toad??

    Love you, Sis!

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