A Proper Welcome

I’d like to welcome  readers new and old to my new Kitchen Musings blog. I’m still learning my way around WordPress and my cooking last weekend had been shot because "Hungry"  Hubby and I decided it was a good idea to watch the entire season of "24" in a day and half instead. So my stir-fried chicken post was abandoned and some deep purple eggplants and squash blossoms are in need of immediate attention.
However, I did throw together a simple garlicky shrimp dish last Saturday – althought not blog worthy – made me realize  how much I miss using my chef knife and cooking in general.
Bear with me as I start revving up some inspiration for this blog. In the meantime here are some pictures from my work last May-June.

A customer so kindly let me use her favor picture - aren' they adorable! Sending macarons off to be packaged as favors 180 cupcakes, all dressed in butterfly cupcake wrappers

Cupcakes topped with blueberries and raspberries

15 thoughts on “A Proper Welcome

  1. Your treats look so delectable and beautiful!
    I’m still getting used to your new blog’s look! Looking forward to
    whatever you post!

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