Work before play

 I get so carried away with my cupcake decorations that when customers ask me for a simple design I have no pictures to show them. So I decided to shoot some samples today.

cupcakedecor a
Simple cupcake decorations on vanilla-vanilla cupcake

I also had to reshoot the cupcakes with flags on them, as I was informed quite bluntly that I had terrible composition in a previous picture.  What can I say? After baking, frosting and decorating 160 cupcakes, I didn’t have the energy left to scrutinize the photo. But point taken – it was bad. Hopefully this is better? 🙂


Now, that I’ve gotten these out of the way, I can play in the kitchen. I really miss those days :(.

20 thoughts on “Work before play

  1. These are just adorable. There is one thing for sure that I know I need to improve. That’s my cake decorating / frosting skills. I am a little heavy-handed so my result is often less than desirable! I have been inspired by your lovely results. I love the little flags, too. So cute. I really enjoy little packaging ideas. I’ve been thinking of ideas myself for my upcoming wedding favors!

  2. “…terrible composition…” I don’t know what to make of that.
    I always find your photos wonderfully inviting.
    Checking your cupcakes before bed probably means I’ll dream cupcakes … with flags.

  3. Well these photos are just gorgeous! Oh the lovely lovely cupcake liners…can’t wait to use mine! I am now thinking of which cupcake recipe i will use to try them out!

  4. I can’t even tell you how much I love these- Not only are the cupcakes themselves just beautiful, but those photos are incredible! So sharp, and perfectly lit.

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  6. OMG! I just cant believe what I read this morning mistakenly! I read this “Work before foreplay” shocking ain’t it Veron, me having not enough! lol! bad bad boy, slap mae face lol!

  7. priscilla – they should be all over the internet. just google cupcake wrappers and they are made by Paper Orchid.

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