What 10 lbs. of chopped onion looks like

10 lbs of chopped onion

Anyone who has seen the movie Julie and Julia knows where I am coming from. So I wanted to practice my knife skills. “Hungry” Hubby concurred and got me 10 lbs. of onions from Costco which amounted to about 12  medium to large bulbs. Chopping them all in one shot can be daunting if your occupation is not a prep cook, but there’s nothing like a sharp knife to hurry things along.

I got teary-eyed after the first two onions, but after washing my face to clear up the discomfort, I surprisingly had no other problem until the 10th one when the odor started giving me a royal headache but I soldiered on until the very last onion was sliced and diced.

As I type this, there is still a whiff of this potent allium in the air and HH reports that his eyes are burning a bit.

I wonder what I can practice on next?

15 thoughts on “What 10 lbs. of chopped onion looks like

  1. I’m still trying to get to that movie. Perhaps, this weekend.

    What, pray tell, are you going to do with all those onions? I heard once if you chill the onions before chopping they won’t burn as much. I’ve never tried it for a few onions. However, I’d give it a whirl for 10lbs. Heck, I’d wear the goggles too!!! Kudos to you Veron, GREAT job!!!

  2. This may sound weird, but I love prepping food. Especially chopping onions, or julienning peppers. Super fun!

    And I find that refrigerating the onions before I chop them helps a lot. It prevents me from getting all teary (I don’t know if this works for everyone, but it works for me)… and a sharp knife definitely does the trick…

  3. Incredible! I’m such a wimp, I have trouble getting through a single onion without tearing up… I would be seeing double by the time I finished a stack like this!

  4. I know what you mean. I use to work in a restaurant where I had to do prep work including cutting up onions. I use to keep vinager around all the time to get rid of the smell on my hands, but never could get it out of my nose. As things go today, I am not fond of onions anymore.

  5. That was one of the best scenes in the movie. I can’t imagine chopping 10 pounds of onions — I’m sure I would be permanently blinded! I’ve accepted the fact that my knife skills are lacking, mainly due to a bad thumb on my chopping hand, and that’s okay. My eyes are feeling funny just thinking about all those onions!

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